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This is where we will post all information about Code Camps in Southern California including updates during the planning process, notifications of site updates, speaker and session information, and more. Feel free to send us information you'd like to see posted here!


SoCal Code Camp LA 2013 Wrap Up    11/12/2013

This past weekend we hosted SoCal Code Camp LA 2013. It was a fun event with 98 sessions, close to 70 speakers, raffle prizes and more.Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and attendees for making it a great event.

Here is the giveaway page (requires login). If you RSVPed before

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So Cal Code Camp November 9th & 10th @ USC Los Angeles    8/12/2013

Mark your calendars! The next SoCal Code camp will take place on November 9th & 10th. We again are headed to the USC campus for this event.

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Date change! Now July 27th & 28th    3/28/2013

Our sponsor at UCSD was informed that due to issues with on campus facilities we had to change our dates to July 27th & 28th. We are still going full steam on getting speakers and sponsors all lined-up for the event. Please RSVP and signup to speak ASAP.

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SoCal Code Camp San Diego June 29th & 30th    3/14/2013

Update: please note the date change to July

We are excited to announce SoCal Code Camp will be coming back to San Diego, June 29th & 30th. We again are being hosted by UCSD Extension. We will be sending out the call for speakers soon and we will be getting details

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So Cal Code Camp October 13th & 14th @ USC Los Angeles    8/14/2012

We are out of the gate fast with our LA Code Camp this year. Here are August tasks to help co-create our amazing community-driven event!

  • RSVPed/marked my calendar/encouraged others to do the same
  • Submitted and/or encouraged others to submit sessions – Speaker FAQ
  • Blogged/tweeted commented/retweeted about awesome

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A different view    6/21/2012

This is what I like what we do here... Richard R. has offered an alternative view of the schedule. Saturday & Sunday note these files will not be kept up to date but should not change much!

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We have our schedule!    6/14/2012

At long last because of the super human efforts of Bret Stateham the schedule for the next SoCal Code Camp has been posted! Things may change some as speakers give us there feedback but it will be locked down on Thursday the 21st.

Stay tuned for information

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148 Sessions... WOW    6/4/2012

At this moment we have 148 sessions submitted for the next code camp... The response from speakers has been incredible so much so we are going to close down session submissions late on June 4th and start working on the schedule.

We hope to have a draft of the schedule

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Bring back the Rock & Roll!    4/23/2012

That's right the next code camp in San Diego we will be bringing back the Rock & Roll to SoCal Code Camp.

So along with the awesome content, great company and geek dinner we will have a great new venue for the geek dinner. It allows for

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The Next SoCal Code Camp is here!    1/23/2012

That's right SoCal Code Camp is this weekend, we have everything all setup. The speakers are working on their content, the geek dinner is set and ready, we have a tone of great prizes for the raffle all we need is you! The weather looks like it will be great

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