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This page lists the sessions that have been submitted for the next SoCal Code Camp. Would you like to be a presenter? Please enter your sessions here. We hope you will offer sessions on topics that you are passionate about! (note the site is closed for new sessions, feel free to contact us if you have a session to add)

 Sat 4:00p
All you need to know about voice enabling web pages and mobile apps
Room: SSL 150
Level: 200
Wolf Paulus

The Voice User Interfaces, allowing the interaction with mobile devices through voice, may become the biggest advancement in user interface design since the transition to graphical user interfaces. We will talk about Android’s Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech capabilities, before turning our attention to the Browser, to voice-enable Web applications.

Tags: Speech Synthesis | Speech Recognition | Mobile | HTML5 | Android
Interested: 61

 Sun 10:15a
Building Mobile Apps with PhoneGap and Backbone
Room: ZHS 159
Level: 100
Troy Miles
Mobile is the future, but it is a lot of work to support all of the different device architectures out there. Is there an easier way? YES! PhoneGap, when combined with Backbone, it becomes a cool way to build apps which can run on nearly every popular mobile platform. 
Tags: Unit Test | phonegap | Mobile | JavaScript | iOS | Backbone | Android
Interested: 89

 Sat 10:00a
HTML5 and the App Store: The Missing Link
Room: VHE 217
Level: 100
Ahmed Bakir

In this session, we will cover wrapping your HTML5 app in Phonegap, acceptance criteria for several of the major app stores, and several common pitfalls you will run into along the way (both in your code, and in the submission process!)

Tags: Sencha | phonegap | iPhone | HTML5 | Android
Interested: 57



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