This is the list of presenters from Code Camp Fullerton II that was held on the weekend of 1/28/2007

We hope you enjoyed this Code Camp and will join us for the next one.


Abhijit Gadkari

Architect,Wells Fargo - background includes M.S. in IS and CS. Programming for over 10 years in C,C++,C#,etc. My research is focused on building SaaS based IT infrastructure and distributed computing. Blog: and on codeproject at
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Software As Service [SaaS] for Developers

Adam Calderon

Adam Calderon is a C# MVP and the Application Development Practice Lead at Interknowlogy. He is an accomplished software developer, author, teacher and speaker with over fourteen years of experience designing and developing solutions on the Microsoft platform. In his long career, Adam has worked with numerous Fortune 1000 companies in such diverse industries as automotive, telecommunications, publishing, medical and insurance assisting them in designing and developing solutions using current and emerging Microsoft technologies.

WPF Data Binding Part 1
WPF Data Binding Part 2

Bill Sheldon

Bill Sheldon ( is a contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine, a principal engineer with InterKnowlogy, and a Microsoft MVP for Visual Basic. He’s coauthored several books including six editions of the Professional Visual Basic series from Wrox, the most recent of which is Professional Visual Basic 2008 (Wrox). Bill is an instructor at University of California, San Diego. Bill’s newest book covers Office Business Applications Development using Office 2007, MOSS and VSTO 3.0 which is part of Visual Studio 2008.

ASP.NET Membership Customization
ASP.NET Membership Introduction

Brian Loesgen

Brian Loesgen is the founder and CEO of Perfect Storm Systems LLC, a firm specializing in Cloud computing, Integration, BizTalk Server and Azure Logic App projects. Based in San Diego, a Microsoft alumni, Brian is a former member of the Microsoft Azure ISV team. Brian is a 6-time Microsoft MVP and has extensive experience in building sophisticated enterprise, ESB and SOA solutions. Brian was a key architect/developer of the “Microsoft ESB Guidance”, initially released by Microsoft in Oct 2006. He is a co-author of the SOA Manifesto, and is a co-author of 8 books, including “SOA with .NET and Windows Azure”, and is the lead author of “BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed”. He has written technical white papers for Intel, Microsoft and others. Brian has spoken at numerous major technical conferences worldwide. Brian is a co-founder and past-President of the International .NET Association (, and past-President of the San Diego .NET user group. Brian was also a member of the Microsoft Connected Systems Division Virtual Technical Specialist Team pilot, and is part of Microsoft’s Connected Systems Advisory Board. Brian has been blogging since 2003 at
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Business Activity Monitoring in a Services-Oriented Infrastructure
Building an Enterprise Service Bus with Microsoft technologies

Mark Bosley

Mark Bosley is an independent consultant with over 10 years of experience with .NET. Current focus is Silverlight, Azure, and WinRT. He holds the following certifications:MCT, MCSD.NET,MCPD:Windows Developer,and MCPD:Web Developer.

Introduction to Windows workflow

Brian Maso

Apache XmlBeans

Cal Schrotenboer

Cal is a C# developer with experience in application front ends for SQL Server databases. He also teaches programming classes (Advanced C#, ASP.NET, VSTO, WPF, Perl, SQL Server 2005) at Foothill College and Microsoft Network Administration (MCSE) classes at Mission College. His outside interests include travel and photography (

WPF: Dependency Properties & Routed Input Events

Chris Andrade

Christopher Andrade is a partner at Novera Consulting Inc., a Microsoft partner in Southern California specializing in custom application development. He spends his time there providing consulting services in designing and developing enterprise-class applications using Microsoft .NET technology.

Creating custom controls and extenders with the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit



Using BizTalk for Process Automation

Michele Leroux Bustamante

Michele Leroux Bustamante is Chief Architect at IDesign (architecture consulting and training, and Chief Security Architect at BiTKOO (providing authorization and identity management software, She is also Microsoft Regional Director for San Diego, and a Microsoft MVP for Connected Systems. Michele specializes in scalable and secure architecture design, federated identity, and cloud computing. Michele is a frequent conference presenter at technology conferences such as Tech Ed, PDC, Dev Connections, and NDC; and regularly publishes in several technology journals. Michele wrote the best-selling book Learning WCF – O’Reilly 2007 ( and is currently working on the second edition to be published in 2010. Visit her blog at
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Exploring Windows CardSpace
WCF Top to Bottom - Part 2
WCF Top to Bottom - Part 1
WCF Security Basics – Simplifying the Security Maze

John Padilla

8 years programming C# .Net applications ranging from ASP.Net, Winforms, Web services and layering Frameworks. I tend to specialise in Integrating applications that have similar or disparate database platforms and API sets.

Applying .Net Patterns, a Layering Framework and Persistance to a Real World Application

Denny Nguyen

Introduction to WPF

David Jung

David Jung is a Service Program Director with Compuware Corp and has over 18 years of programming experience with leading organizations like Compuware, Pacific Life, Johnson & Johnson, and Ernst & Young. He specializes in distributed applications and data warehousing solutions using .NET, Java, and other distributed technology.

Software Quality Assurance and VSTS Tester Edition

David McCarter

David McCarter is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), and developer, architect, consultant, professional code reviewer and interviewer in San Diego, California. He is the editor-in-chief of a web site dedicated to helping software engineers in all aspects of programming since 1994. David has written for programming magazines and has published many books including "David McCarter's .NET Coding Standards" available at: He is one of the founders and directors of the San Diego .NET Developers Group ( for 20 years. In 2008 David won the INETA Community Excellence Award for his involvement in the .NET community. David is also an inventor of a software printing system that was approved by the US Patient Office in May 2008. His Microsoft MVP profile is located at:
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Programming AJAX with the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
Why You Need .NET Coding Standards

Eric Kaufman

I've worked in and around software since 1997, primarily on the Microsoft stack as a developer, architect, and data modeler. A few years ago I moved into finance (fintech), and have successfully developed algorithmic trading systems, data mining strategies, and machine learning libraries for equities, futures, and other security markets. Most recently I've been working at Paper.Exchange, a lending platform that brings Wall Street tools to small businesses throughout the United States.
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.net architecture: real world experiences

Eric Stott

Been working with BizTalk since its beta form of 2004 focusing primarily in the healthcare sector. Before that I worked on Mercator, actually working for the company for a time. Have vast experience in B2B and A2A interfaces and common challenges that face such situations. I am a BizTalk MVP.
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BizTalk port binding: the tie downs

Gary Williams

Gary Williams is the president of Byte Builder, Inc. Gary has been developing software for over 25 years, and has experience in many fields ranging from imaging to consumer electronics, server software to device drivers. More recently, Gary has been deeply involved in XML, XSD and web services, using his experience to develop new industry standards for the motorcycle industry.

Testing Web Services using XML
Adventures in XSD using .NET Framework

Gerald Walsh

Gerald Walsh is an independent consultant and instructor focused on software application development and training using Microsoft technologies. He has over 13 years experience in developing solutions with Microsoft tools, holds the MCSD, MCAD, and MCT certifications, and has worked for Microsoft in the role of Developer Evangelist. Gerald is also a Microsoft MVP for his past work in support of the developer community and for expertise in developing client software applications on the Microsoft platform. You can be contact him directly at

Understanding Exceptions, Transactions and Compensation in Windows Workflow Foundation
Advanced ASP.Net 2.0

Hiten Desai

Hiten is a technology professional with strong 20 years experience in IT-Design, Development and Project Management of Business Applications. He is a J2EE-Portal Certified professional and has worked extensively with a wide range of web technologies including J2EE (EJB, Servlet, JSP, XML, JDBC, RMI, JTS etc.), BEA WebLogic Server/ Workshop /Portal, IBM WebSphere Server/Portal, SUN Portal/Server and Oracle 9i. He has lead project teams involved with a variety of web portal applications and has direct experience with Identity Management (Single Sign On), Application Security, SSO/Authentication and Authorization using Site Minder, Active Directory and Sun ONE LDAP server. Since 2000, he has been based in the USA (as a Permanent Resident) and has undertaken key roles and projects with leading American companies including Bluecross Blue shield, Cingular, Verizon Wireless, Ameriquest Mortgage, American Express, Fidelity National Title, Centennial Communication and Dobson Communications.

Java Server Faces Technology and SUN Portal

Jason Mauer

Jason Mauer is Overlord and Chief Banana Masher at Mighty Code (, the most ferocious startup in the neighborhood where he lives in Portland, Oregon. With fifteen years of professional software development experience (including eight years at Microsoft as a consultant and Developer Evangelist), Jason oozes code from his pores like that skin condition you had that one time but the ointment just didn’t make a difference... except his code is something you want. Bad. Find him at or on Twitter as @jasonmauer.


Josh Rehman

I've been solving the architectural and engineering problems faced by small teams doing custom data-driven software development for about 10 years. My interest ranges from data modeling to GUI modeling. I'm also interested in software engineering, management, and project management best practices. In short, those subjects required to create a peaceful, harmonious, and productive work environment.

Google Web Toolkit: When, How, and Why to use it in your web applications.

Jeffrey Peacock

Jeffrey Peacock is the UC Irvine instructor for "Application Development for Android Devices" and "Advanced Android Application Development" He's also an independent contractor developing enterprise Android applications for a variety of clients. For over 25-years he's worked in a variety of technology spaces including 10+ years developing mobile applications for e-commerce, security, medical, and advertising/entertainment/media. Past lives include e-commerce/web development; medical applications; interactive cable TV; Hierarchical Storage Management; and even Unix System Development for Bell Labs. He's the founder of the Orange County Embedded Java Users Group (c. 2006), and an author/contributor of open source embedded and micro-edition Java libraries. He's been working with Android since it's release and was a participant in the Android Developer Challenge.

Embedded Java 101

Jim White

Jim White is a computational linguist with over 30 years of experience building computer systems. Prior to focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP) he worked at the software, firmware, hardware, and system architecture level in development tools, embedded and portable devices, networking, and graphics. He is an Open Source Software advocate, Groovy committer, and has created the innovative OSS Groovy for OpenOffice and IFCX Wings. He is currently working on a thesis for the Master of Science in Computational Linguistics (CLMS) at the University of Washington and is the instructor for the program's fundamentals course this year.
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Easy application deployment with AntAnywhere

Jinesh Varia

Jinesh is a Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, He is a small little geeky looking thing that loves to code, travel and make friends. Please feel free to stop by and say hi to him. Prior to joining Amazon as an evangelist, Jinesh was Solutions Architect and Team Lead at UBmatrix, XML and XBRL standards firm and Software Engineer at Penn Data Center. Holds a Masters from nittany lions a.k.a. Penn State.

Demystifying Amazon SQS and Amazon EC2
Amazon S3 Unleashed

Joe Chavez

Computer scientist with extensive experience in the architecture, design and deployment of computer systems. I am particularly interested in software architecture and modeling. Founder of the L.A. Ruby user's group: LinkedIn:

Ruby on Rails CMS

John Clingan

John has worked for Sun Microsystems for 12 years, as a sales systems engineer selling hardware and enterprise middleware, as a Solaris evangelist, and as a software architect. Currently, John is the GlassFish Group Product Manager. GlassFish is the Java Enterprise Edition reference implementation built in open source for business critical deployments. John has also been an instructor at Cal Poly Pomona, teaching courses on Java Swing, Java Networking, and JavaBeans. At prior organizations, John has been a UNIX Systems Administrator, and has written data acquisition systems using C and X Windows. Additional Information

NetBeans 5.5 update and roadmap

Jeff Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder is an Associate IW Engineer with InterKnowlogy. His background is in Database & System Administration for Microsoft Technologies. Jeff's blog is at

Using Forms Authentication with SharePoint 2007

Kevin McNeish

Kevin McNeish is President and Chief Software Architect of Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc, and an eight-time Microsoft .NET MVP. He is an INETA speaker and is also a well known speaker and trainer throughout North America and Europe including VSLive!, DevTeach , SDC Netherlands, NDC Norway. He is co-author of the book "Professional UML with Visual Studio .NET", author of the book ".NET for Visual FoxPro Developers", has authored many magazine articles and has been interviewed on the .NET Rocks! Internet Radio Show. He is the Chief Software Architect of the MM .NET Framework and spends about half his time on the road training and mentoring companies to build well-designed, high-performance .NET and iOS applications. e-mail:, Web:
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Modeling and Testing with the Class Designer and Object Test Bench
The Next Leap: Software Factories and the Microsoft DSL Tools
.NET Design Patterns for Agile Software Processes
Building Application Frameworks in .NET

Marie Watkins

Marie has over 15 years of experience in technology recruiting for software, hardware, and firmware skill sets. Currently, she works for Microsoft and recruits for Bing and MS Advertising. She has worked for Stellcom, TalentLab, HeadFinders, and her own company Romawat Consulting. From 2001-2005 she independently recruited for companies in So Cal including TriNet Solutions, InterKnowlogy, Vytek/CalAmp, MaxIT Healthcare, Delta Design, SpaceDev, SAIC, Mitchell, Leap Wireless, and more. As an AIRS Certified recruiter, Marie is an expert at using new Boolean searches to locate passive candidates independently of the job boards. She blogs for Microsoft and other sites on a variety of recruiting and job-seeker topics Marie lives in SoCal with her family and maintains her connections to the local engineering community.
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It's not what you know, its WHO you know! Using Web2.0 to get your next job

Mark Rosenberg

A software developer for over 10 years, Mark has worked on various technologies from Access to .NET 3.0. For the last 5 years, Mark has been working extensivly with SQL Server.

Stored Procedure Optimization

Michael Morozov

Michael Morozov is a Principal Consultant with Neudesic specializing in custom application development using Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, Compact Framework, MS SQL Server. Michael is a MSCD.NET with 15 years of industry experience.

Get mobile with .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Mickey Williams

Mickey Williams is a VP at Neudesic where he leads the Technology Platform Group. He has extensive experience building mission-critical applications on a wide variety of platforms, has authored or co-authored ten books on Windows programming and does not like long bios.

Exploring C# 3.0
Introduction to WPF/e
Taking Advantage of Team Foundation Server Version Control
Using ADO.NET vNext

Mike Vincent

Mike Vincent is a veteran software entrepreneur and solutions architect based in Orange County, California and Kona, Hawaii. He currently provides clients throughout North America with application lifecycle management training, consultation and Scrum coaching primarily focusing on Microsoft .NET technology. He has been in the software business for over 30 years in addition to marketing management, construction management and structural engineering positions. Actively involved in the user group community since the early 90's, Mike is a past Vice President and Treasurer of INETA Noram. He is a frequent presenter at developer events including Microsoft TechEd and PDC. He is a Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management MVP, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, and Professional Scrum Developer Trainer.
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Architecting Personalization into Web Sites

Norman Katz

Norm Katz is a software architect for Silicon Space Inc. in San Diego. He is always exploring alternative development frameworks to increase productivity of developers and reliability of code. He recently developed a model-driven method of designing using XML that forward engineers into XML Schema (XSD), C# Classes and Sql 2005 Tables.

Domain-driven design with XML Models

Peter Kellner

Peter Kellner founded 73rd Street Associates in 1990, where he successfully delivered systems for university clinic scheduling, insurance company management, and a turnkey physician office management to more than 500 customers nationwide. Ten years later, in 2000, 73rd Street Associates was purchased by a large insurance company, and Peter started a new career as an independent software consultant. Among the technologies he currently is involved with are ASP.NET, Oracle, Java, VOiP, and soon, SQL Server. When not working, Peter spends most his free time biking. He has ridden his bike across the globe. Most recently he and his wife, Tammy, rode across the U.S., from California to Georgia, in just 27 days. He is also an ASP.NET MVP.

Build an ASP.NET 2.0 ObjectDataSource From Scratch and Use it with a DAL (NetTiers)

Paul Sheriff

Paul D. Sheriff is the President of PDSA, Inc. ( PDSA develops custom business applications specializing in web and mobile technologies. Since 1991 PDSA has successfully delivered advanced custom application software to a wide range of customers and diverse industries. With a team of dedicated experts, PDSA delivers cost effective solutions, on-time and on-budget using innovative tools and processes to better manage today's complex and competitive environment.
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From Zero to N-Tier in 75 Minutes
Create your own Providers for the Ultimate Flexiblity
CSS, Skins and Themes for the ASP.NET Developer

Raman Koovelimadom

Raman Koovelimadom is an independent consultant, based in Southern California, with several years of hands-on-experience in building and integrating n-tier enterprise applications at several Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Fidelity National Financial.

Planning effectively for the presentation layer.

Robert Hope

Robert currently owns San Luis Technology Consultants (, a consulting firm located in San Luis Obispo, CA., providing web and software design and development services. He recently founded the San Luis Obispo .NET User Group ( with the hopes of bringing together the development community on the Central Coast. He has over 10 years of experience designing, documenting, and developing web- and windows-based applications from the UI level down to the database level. These applications have been high-volume and high-performance, including LoopNet.Com, a website that serves more than 2 million page hits per day to a user base of more than 1.5 million active users. His roles have included Technical Consultant, Senior Web Developer, Systems Architect, and Information Technology Executive. He has posted his presentations on his blog at and they are now available for download.

Reflection in .NET
Packaging in .NET 3.0

Robert Altland

Based in Irvine, California, Robert Altland is a Principal Consultant with Neudesic, one of Microsoft’s leading .NET professional service firms and Gold Certified Partners. Robert’s career has spanned the spectrum from design to development, which among other things has enabled him to better bridge the gap between designers and developers. He is an active member of the southern California developer community as a frequent presenter at regional code camps and user groups, where he shares his knowledge and experience about front end development.

Introduction to WPF

Robert Kozak

Robert Kozak is a Senior Software Architect specializing in .NET development. Robert has been in software design for almost 20 years starting with his first job writing BASIC code. He is an author, speaker, trainer and developer. Although Robert loves to write code he spends more time on Research and Development, Design, Product Management, QA, and Process Guidance. Robert grew up in Canada but jumped at the chance to move to California when he was offered a job at Borland working on Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix as an R&D Engineer. Today, Robert works in Los Angeles using C# and .NET. - and loves every minute of it.

Attribute Based Design in .NET

Ron Hitchens

Ron Hitchens is a Senior Engineer with Mark Logic Corporation. Ron's career in the computer industry spans more than 25 years and has encompassed many different technologies. Ron is the author of "Java NIO" (O'Reilly) and has spoken at JavaOne, JavaPolis and other industry conferences. Ron architected and implemented Mark Logic's XML Contentbase Connector (XCC) in Java and .Net.

Getting Started With XQuery
.NET Assemblies Written In Standard Java 1.4

Rinat Shagisultanov

Principal Consultant for Neudesic LLC (Irvine, CA)/Custom Application Development practice 15 years of experience, M.S. in C.S., MCSD.NET, MCTS SQL Server 2005 Interests: C#, .NET internals, enterprise architectures, software factories; Other interests: family, travel, rock climbing, mountaineering, biking. The personal blog

Introduction to Software Factories in .NET

Scott Dunn

Certified Scrum Trainer, coach, developer, Certified Scrum Practitioner, Certified ScrumMaster, PMP, Pragmatic Marketing Certified. Previously a manager, MCSD and consultant at other companies including Kaiser, dotcoms, EDS, PacLife, TRW, Screen Actors Guild, and other government and start-ups. Currently working for Rally as an Agile Coach, helping companies such as GE, eBay, Cisco, Shutterfly, and others adopt agile.
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Career Advancement

scott hodson

Scott Hodson is President of Ubero, Inc, a local software development consultancy, developing solutions for clients in Orange County on .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby on Rails. Prior to starting Ubero Scott has worked for Plaid Brothers software, Starbase (Borland),, Commerce5 and helped several start-ups and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality with software solutions. He co-founded the OCPatterns design patterns study group in 2001 as well as the OC Ruby users group in 2005. He holds a MS and BS in Computer Science from UCI and BYU.

From Programmer to CEO: Starting and Running Your Own Software Business

Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy is a consultant who architects and builds highly scalable layered web and smart-client applications utilizing the latest Microsoft platforms & technologies. Tim was a Microsoft MVP in Solutions Architecture, and his expertise covers a wide range of Microsoft technologies, not limited to but including the following: .NET Framework (ASP.NET/Smart Clients/VSTO/Workflow/Web Services, Windows Presentation Foundation), SQL Server, Active Directory, MS Exchange development, UDDI, SharePoint, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications. Tim has worked as both a project technical lead/member as well as being in a technical consulting role for several Fortune 500 companies. He has held the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certifications for several years, and was one of the first wave of developers to earn the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for .NET and MCSD for .NET certifications. He also holds the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certification for SQL Server 2000. Tim is also certified as an IEEE Certified Software Development Professional, and he is one of only 550 people to hold this certification in the world. Tim has been an author and technical reviewer for several books from Wrox Press. His latest book is .NET Domain-Driven Design in C#: Problem - Design - Solution, which was published in April 2008. His other books include Professional VB 2005, several editions of Professional VB.NET, Professional Commerce Server 2000, and Professional ADO 2.5 Programming. He also has written and presented a DVD titled SharePoint Portal Services Programming 2003. Tim has written numerous articles for the Developer .NET Update newsletter, developed packaged presentations for the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), and wrote a whitepaper for Microsoft on using COM+ services in .NET. He has also written articles for SQL Server Magazine and Windows & .NET Magazine. Tim has spoken at technical conferences around the world and several San Diego area user groups (including both .NET and SQL Server groups, and several Code Camps) and he has been a regular speaker at the Microsoft Developer Days conference in San Diego for the last several years. Tim has also delivered various MSDN webcasts, many of which were repeat requests from Microsoft. He also teaches custom .NET classes to companies in need of expert .NET mentoring and training. Tim holds a B.B.A. in Marketing from the Illinois Institute of Technology as well as an M.B.A. in Marketing from National University. Before becoming an application developer, Tim was an officer in the United States Marine Corps.
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Domain-Driven Design

Waleed Abdulla

Senior software developer and architect interested in AJAX, Web services, and rules languages. Involved in two vertical standards organizations in the automotive and motorcycle industries. And, the author of the XRules XML language for XML rules.

Business Rules Programming with XRules
Advance AJAX using the Yahoo! UI Library (YUI)
Choose the Right AJAX Library for You

Wolf Paulus

My name is Wolf Paulus, a photographer, hiker, hacker, technologist based in Ramona, California. I'm currently working on Android projects, occasionally speak at developer conferences, and work on open source projects (Swixml, HessDroid, …). You can read much more and contact me at: Hope to meet you at CodeCamp.
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Declarative Programming, emphasizing UI Generation at Runtime

Woody Zuill

Woody Zuill has been programming computers for 30+ years, and is an independent Agile Coach/Trainer/Consultant. Over the last 15+ years he has worked as an Agile Coach, Trainer, and Extreme Programmer. He believes code must be simple, clean, and maintainable to realize the Agile promise of Responding to Change. He spent many years as an artist/designer/manufacturer of graphics for televised sporting events where deadlines are for real. Loves Mob Programming.
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Agile Thinking in a Legacy (non-agile) Maintenance Effort

Woody Pewitt

Just a big geek who likes to have fun with code.
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