This is the list of presenters from Code Camp San Diego IV that was held on the weekend of 6/27/2009

We hope you enjoyed this Code Camp and will join us for the next one.


Abhijit Gadkari

Architect,Wells Fargo - background includes M.S. in IS and CS. Programming for over 10 years in C,C++,C#,etc. My research is focused on building SaaS based IT infrastructure and distributed computing. Blog: and on codeproject at
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MVC for ASP.NET Professionals

Michael Washington

Michael Washington is a website developer and an ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Basic programmer. He has been a Microsoft MVP for over nine years. He has a son, Zachary and resides in Los Angeles with his wife Valerie. Michael is the founder of The Ai Help Website ( He is the author of: * Creating HTML 5 Websites and Cloud Business Apps Using LightSwitch In Visual Studio 2013-2015 * Creating Web Pages Using the LightSwitch HTML Client: In Visual Studio 2012 * Creating Visual Studio LightSwitch Custom Controls (Beginner to Intermediate) * OData And Visual Studio LightSwitch Using ASP.NET / Windows Phone / jQuery / datajs / Knockout
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Build a Silverlight Chat module from scratch

Andrew Karcher

I am a Data Professional that is super passionate about the ability of data to drive change in our world, work, and personal lives. I have over 15 years of experience across multiple roles, companies and technologies. A passion for learning is core to how I approach life. Over 10+ years I have spoken at User Groups, Code Camps, SQL Saturdays and Conferences along with supporting my local community as a SQL Saturday Organizer, User Group leader, and advocate for community involvement for all technology professionals. I was also recognized by Microsoft as a four-time SQL Server MVP for my technical community contributions.
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Performance Point – What is it and Why do I care?
SQL Server 2008 For Developers
SQL Server 2008 Full Text Search

Ash Tewari

I have been developing software for over 10 years. I enjoy interacting with the members of software development community and very interested in sharing perspectives and insights with others. In my free time, I like to experiment with new tools, techniques, technology and concepts. In the process, I sometimes create something useful too ! I have started a couple of open source projects and I blog at

If it walks like a Scrum ...

Brad Cunningham

I am an independent software consultant based in the San Diego, CA area. Check out my website if you would like to discuss your upcoming project I have been a Microsoft MVP for C# since 2010 I have over 10 years of industry experience developing a wide range of desktop and web based applications for many different industries. I am regular speaker at the Southern California Rock and Roll code camp events and both San Diego .NET User groups San Diego .NET Developers Group and San Diego .NET User Group. I also host monthly Nerd Dinner events in San Diego and am the co-chairman of the San Diego Tech Immersion Group
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XAML Panel Discussion
Touch Development 101

Ben Griswold

Ben is a principal consultant at Fairway Technologies based out of La Jolla, CA. Ben has over a dozen years of professional software development experience architecting and developing web, service and desktop applications for various industries. Current projects are focused almost exclusively on the Microsoft stack — .NET 3.5, C#, SQL Server, WPF, WCF, jQuery, AJAX and even a little Silverlight. In his spare time, Ben mucks around with various tools and languages, blogs at and listens to numerous podcasts.

Introduction to Functional Programming

Bill Sheldon

Bill Sheldon is a professional softare engineer at Hunter Industries in Southern California. Bill is a published author of Professional Visual Basic 2012 & .NET 4.5 (as well as all previous versions) as well as co-author of Professional Office Business Application Development both from Wrox. Bill wrote for SQL Server magazine and is an experienced public speaker at events such as VSLive and Code Camps across Southern California. Bill's current title is Full Stack engineer and he works with a team using Mob Programming, TDD, CI/CD, Angular 6, C#, Typescript, NodeJS, ASP.NET Core 2.1, MVC and related technologies.

Building Office Business Applications
SQL Server Security

Brian Loesgen

Brian Loesgen is the founder and CEO of Perfect Storm Systems LLC, a firm specializing in Cloud computing, Integration, BizTalk Server and Azure Logic App projects. Based in San Diego, a Microsoft alumni, Brian is a former member of the Microsoft Azure ISV team. Brian is a 6-time Microsoft MVP and has extensive experience in building sophisticated enterprise, ESB and SOA solutions. Brian was a key architect/developer of the “Microsoft ESB Guidance”, initially released by Microsoft in Oct 2006. He is a co-author of the SOA Manifesto, and is a co-author of 8 books, including “SOA with .NET and Windows Azure”, and is the lead author of “BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed”. He has written technical white papers for Intel, Microsoft and others. Brian has spoken at numerous major technical conferences worldwide. Brian is a co-founder and past-President of the International .NET Association (, and past-President of the San Diego .NET user group. Brian was also a member of the Microsoft Connected Systems Division Virtual Technical Specialist Team pilot, and is part of Microsoft’s Connected Systems Advisory Board. Brian has been blogging since 2003 at
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A First Look at BizTalk Server 2009: Integration Server, SOA Foundation, Gateway to Azure
A Technical Drilldown into “All Things M” (part of the forthcoming Oslo platform)

Bret Stateham

I am Microsoft Developer Evangelist based in San Diego. I have been working with Microsoft technologies since 1992 and speaking about Microsoft server platforms since 1998. You can learn more about me via my blog at, or follow @BretStateham on twitter.

SQL Server Express Edition for the Hobbyist, Student & Professional
IT Pro Panel: Q&A for Developers
SQL Server Integration Services Control Flows
SQL Server Integration Services Data Flows


CEO / President of StandOUT Global, the technology provider for Asian-US Business Summit & Expo. Background: J2EE DEVELOPER SINCE 1996. SELF-EMPLOYED IN 1997. INCORPORATED IN 2001. GOVT SUB-CONTRACTOR SINCE 2003. 2008 began summer internships for unemployed programmers needing to make the shift into innovative technologies.

CodeMonkey to CEO

Carl Manaster

I've been programming for over 20 years, and I hope to someday get the hang of it.
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Extreme Programming

Chip Crary
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Using Inversion of Control Containers
Simplify with Dependency Injection

Dan Gilkerson

He started his career off in computer security and now is an agile developer at VersionOne. He has contributed to a variety of projects including Approval Tests, Ruby on Rails, F#, and CodeRush. Dan enjoys discovering associations in the world that many overlook; when he’s not building software he spends time trying out new hobbies such as juggling, magic, DJing, paintballing, and go-karting.
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Reducing Test Maintenance – A Picture is Worth 1000 Tests

Dennis Palmer

Dennis cut his coding teeth by teaching himself BASIC on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer in the early 80's. His earliest memory of debugging a program was when he found that his mother had typed the letter O instead of the digit 0 in a hexadecimal string that defined the graphics of a program she copied from the listing in a magazine. After discovering Delphi 1.0 during college, he went to work on a fax broadcast system and other telephony projects. In the late 90's he worked with a few record labels to put software on their music CD's. This included Windows screen savers of album art work and a music player that scrolled the lyrics of each song across the screen -- all written in Delphi. After that, he spent about 5 years doing web development in PHP (even working with a PHP MVC Framework) before discovering ASP.NET and C#. He remained somewhat proud of the fact that he had never worked with Visual Basic until starting his current job where it is the company's language of choice for developing Microsoft Office customizations for the legal industry. Even though he still gets lost when looking at VB6 code, with the advent of LINQ to XML and XML Literals in VB9, he is happy to be a VB.NET developer.

ASP.NET MVC View Engine using VB.NET XML Literals

David McCarter

David McCarter is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), and developer, architect, consultant, professional code reviewer and interviewer in San Diego, California. He is the editor-in-chief of a web site dedicated to helping software engineers in all aspects of programming since 1994. David has written for programming magazines and has published many books including "David McCarter's .NET Coding Standards" available at: He is one of the founders and directors of the San Diego .NET Developers Group ( for 20 years. In 2008 David won the INETA Community Excellence Award for his involvement in the .NET community. David is also an inventor of a software printing system that was approved by the US Patient Office in May 2008. His Microsoft MVP profile is located at:
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Why You Need .NET Coding Standards (2009)
Building Rich & Interactive Web Applications with ASP.NET AJAX
dotNetDave's Favorite Programming Tools
Building nTier Applications with Entity Framework Services

David Pallmann

David Pallmann is a Windows Azure MVP and author of The Windows Azure Handbook. He is General Manager of Custom Application Development for Neudesic, a Microsoft national consulting partner. David's blog is at (past persentations can be viewed there).

Azure Design Patterns for Cloud Computing

Eric Kaufman

I've been working in software development for about ten years now, and have presented at several code camps in the past. I've done data and object modeling, worked extensively with .Net 2.0, NHibernate, and enterprise architecture. I've recently moved into mobile and spatial stuff, and would love to help some other code campers take the mobile plunge!

Mobile Development - In The Trenches

Eric Stott

Been working with BizTalk since its beta form of 2004 focusing primarily in the healthcare sector. Before that I worked on Mercator, actually working for the company for a time. Have vast experience in B2B and A2A interfaces and common challenges that face such situations. I am a BizTalk MVP.
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A drive around BizTalk 2006 R3 'er Biztalk 2009

Greg Stevenson

Greg Stevenson has been a developer for over 30 years and is current active in webOS development. He was one of the three global organizers for the recent preDevCamp to teach webOS development in almost 80 cities world wide. He is active in several organizations including being the organizer for the Orange County: Getting Things Done ( and the SoCal preMongers ( meetup groups that are related to sessions he is presenting at SoCal Code Camp.

Intro to webOS Programming on the Palm pre
Getting Things Done: 101
Effective Meetings and Projects

John Kuhn

John Kuhn is a Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager at PDSA, Inc., where he works with a diverse portfolio of clients to develop solutions for e-commerce, content management, data migration, business intelligence and business process automation. He has more than nineteen years experience as a developer, working in bio-technology, healthcare and consulting, with experience in project management, software design & architecture, enterprise application integration and business intelligence. John is the author of Developer’s Guide to SQL Reporting Services 2005 (ASIN # 0979374855) and has spoken at several user groups and code camp events in Southern California. He has been developing business and reporting solutions on Microsoft platforms since 1992, and started working with .NET when it was released in 2002. He has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a certificate in Information Technology Management from University of California, Irvine Extension, and is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET.
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Professional Exception Management
Best Practices for Reporting Services 2008

Jim Bears

My influences include many speakers here at So Cal Code Camp. Avail yourself of their time. “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights...”… Smedley Darlington Butler, Major General, USMC, two-time Medal of Honor Recipient. Happy Code Campers!
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SQL Design Patterns Part 2
.NET Fundamentals - Strings
SQL Design Patterns Part 1

Joe Mayo

Joe Mayo is an author, instructor, and independent software consultant, specializing in Microsoft technologies. He has written several books, including Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework by Microsoft Press. Joe is a Microsoft AI MVP with several years of awards, he lives in Las Vegas, NV and tweets (as @JoeMayo) about #ai, #botframework, and #chatbots on Twitter.
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RIA Services: RAD for the Middle Tier

Jon Galloway

Jon works in the Azure Evangelism team at Microsoft, focused on ASP.NET. His weblog is at and he podcasts at
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Making the move from ASP.NET Web Forms to MVC
Using jQuery in ASP.NET

Jason Jung

Jason Jung is a Senior Consultant at Neudesic in custom application development. MCTS in web, mainly focusing on .NET development, he has worked on high profile ASP.NET applications using C#. He has also been actively engaged in large scale projects that require various architectural artifacts and coding patterns. Also, he has recently been engaged with large clients for WPF and Silverlight projects.

WPF UI Pattern - MVVM

Lynn Langit

blog Lynn runs a consulting and training business based about RDBMS and NoSQL technologies. She's written 3 books and several courses on SQL Server. Lynn specializes in SQL Server BI and Cloud-based database technologies. Lynn is co-founder of the 'Teaching Kids Programming' global non profit - more at She teaches for DevelopMentor.
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Teaching Kids to Code
Window 7 Multi-Touch application development

Llewellyn Falco

Llewellyn learned to jump horses in the 7th grade while living in France. Back in states, while studying drafting in high school, he started fire eating, sleight of hand magic, and once rode a unicycle 6 miles. After learning to juggle torches, he joined a acrobatics group in college where he specialized on the trampoline and walking a slack rope. He can calculate the cube root of any perfect cube under 1,000,000 in his head, as well as pick a standard lock. He can rollerblade down a flight of stairs, backwards. Later, he has learned to play the doumbek (a type of drum), to accompaniment a belly dancing girlfriend. Llewellyn studied Tai Chi for 2 years, can throw a knife at 20 feet, and a playing card at 50. He has taught swing dancing, and loves to salsa. He is also an accomplished speed chess player. In the last year, he has been scuba diving over 20 times, become a guitar hero, and broke his personal record of paddle balling over 200 times. Llewellyn attributes his success to the large amount of caffeine he has consumed, and enjoys computer programming in his spare time. He is also a Developmentor Instructor, Agile2010 Speaker, and guest on .Net Rocks!
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Extreme Programming
• Code Excellence for the Average Programmer Part I
• Code Excellence for the Average Programmer Part II
Reducing Test Maintenance – A Picture is Worth 1000 Tests

Marie Watkins

Marie has over 15 years of experience in technology recruiting for software, hardware, and firmware skill sets. Currently, she works for Microsoft and recruits for Bing and MS Advertising. She has worked for Stellcom, TalentLab, HeadFinders, and her own company Romawat Consulting. From 2001-2005 she independently recruited for companies in So Cal including TriNet Solutions, InterKnowlogy, Vytek/CalAmp, MaxIT Healthcare, Delta Design, SpaceDev, SAIC, Mitchell, Leap Wireless, and more. As an AIRS Certified recruiter, Marie is an expert at using new Boolean searches to locate passive candidates independently of the job boards. She blogs for Microsoft and other sites on a variety of recruiting and job-seeker topics Marie lives in SoCal with her family and maintains her connections to the local engineering community.
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Social Recruiting 101 - Practicum
Social Recruiting 101

Michael Krasowski

Michael is Vice President of Development at PDSA, Inc. and brings over 32 years of Information Technology experience to bear at his position. Prior to joining the PDSA team, Michael was the Director of Information Technology at the Long Beach division of Boeing. He was responsible for all aspects of computing – strategic planning, architecture, application lifecycle, asset management, and outsource management – where he managed a budget of over $90 million dollars and 140+ people. Michael’s responsibilities at PDSA are to manage all projects and personnel while ensuring quality services are delivered on time and on budget to our valued clients. He has been instrumental in defining and executing a solid internal business and engineering process to ensure quality services. Michael also has been an instructor at UCLA and University of California, Irvine's extension program since 1985. He instructs or has instructed the following courses: Microsoft.NET, Advanced Visual Basic, and Relational/Distributed Database Management and Design. Michael holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from UCLA, and has published several articles on database management, SQL Server and Visual Basic. He has also spoken at industry conferences, such as Advisor’s DevCon and Informant Conferences on Microsoft Technologies and best practices.
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Project Management Best Practices

Mike Vincent

Mike Vincent is a veteran software entrepreneur and solutions architect based in Orange County, California and Kona, Hawaii. He currently provides clients throughout North America with application lifecycle management training, consultation and Scrum coaching primarily focusing on Microsoft .NET technology. He has been in the software business for over 30 years in addition to marketing management, construction management and structural engineering positions. Actively involved in the user group community since the early 90's, Mike is a past Vice President and Treasurer of INETA Noram. He is a frequent presenter at developer events including Microsoft TechEd and PDC. He is a Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management MVP, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, and Professional Scrum Developer Trainer.
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Maximize Your Investment With VSTS 2008
A Lap Around VSTS 2010

Denny Cherry

Denny Cherry has over a decade of experience managing SQL Server, including’s over 175 million user installation, one of the largest in the world. Denny’s areas of technical expertise include system architecture, performance tuning, replication and troubleshooting. Denny uses these skills on a regular basis in his current role as a Sr. Database Administrator at Phreesia. Denny currently holds several Microsoft Certifications related to SQL Server as well as being a Microsoft MVP. Denny is a longtime member of PASS and Quest Software’s Association of SQL Server Experts and has written numerous technical articles on SQL Server management.
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IT Pro Panel: Q&A for Developers
SQL Service Broker Advanced Performance Tips and Tricks
Virtual SQL Servers Should I or Shouldn’t I?
SQL Server Service Broker

Mike Roth

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Sensor Development Win Windows 7

Nuri Halperin

Nuri Halperin consults, develops, and teaches software development with passion. He designs and builds systems, websites and line of business applications. He has been getting things done for a variety clients small and large. From founding CTO of to international e-commerce multilingual websites, to social photo sharing - he's been working to meld new ideas and techniques with solid engineering know-how. He is an author for, and provides hands on training for companies and individuals. Nuri is a frequent speaker at tech events. He enjoys interacting with developers and helping people reach that "Aha!" moment. Nuri is a Mongo Master, certified MongoDB DBA and Developer, and the inaugural recipient of MongoDB's William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award.
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Go International! Writing localized applications
Stop Searching - Start Finding!


Software programmer over 25 years, CS faculty, co-founder of SUA, OTI Technologies and Siskon, amateur photographer & digital artist (2D & 3D just for fun) from San Diego. My interests are (some are purely academic) programming languages, parallel computing, scientific software development, applied mathematics, optimization theory, cloud computing, and mobile development.

Dancing w/Objective-C
Design Patterns

Joe Seymour

My name is Joe Seymour and I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer of Interknowlogy. I have been in the software industry for about 8 years, and have no idea what I did without it. You can find me hacking on C#, Visual Studio, WPF, Silverlight, XAML, Azure, and whatever else new pops up.
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Windows 7, Jumplists, and the taskbar
What's new in C# 4.0
XAML Panel Discussion
Visual Studio 2010 and MEF

Raymond Yu

Raymond Yu is a senior DBA and director with Kintera Inc., a Blackbaud Company, in San Diego, CA. Raymond has more than 10 years of experience in software development and database design & administration in several vertical industries. His work at Kintera has been managing all aspects of SQL server databases in a large SaaS (software as a service) environment, from modeling, design, implementation, production architecture and monitoring, to data warehouse. Raymond Yu has a Ph.D. degree from Iowa State University, holds several professional certificates from Microsoft and Oracle, and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Data Encryption and Security Compliance

rob bagby

Rob Bagby is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft. He has consulted on Microsoft technologies for over 10 years and began developing on the .NET framework when the pre-beta bits were first released to the public. Rob has developed various applications for customers ranging from local companies to Fortune 500 firms. Rob was developing AJAX applications before AJAX was AJAX. In 1998, he co-architected and developed a browser-based front-end for OLAP using XML/HTTP when both IE5.0 and SQL Server 7.0 were still in Beta. Rob has a Masters degree in International Finance from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management.

Building an Azure Application From The Ground Up
PHP & Microsoft Demothon (It's all about the love)

Steve Bearman

Steve Bearman is an independent software developer with his company, Suzy B Studios, where he innovates, designs, and develops web and client software for all sectors from science and engineering through finance--especially the thorny, complex problems where architecture, algorithms, and performance are critical. Always available to help develop software, he often leads development teams. Along the way he taught graduate-level university computer science, successfully managed both marketing and operations as VP of a manufacturing corporation, and published technical papers dealing with data. He has a special fondness for good algorithms and appropriate technology.
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Advanced C# Part 2: Collections, Delegate Patterns, and Useful Generic Methods
Advanced C# Part 1: Generics, Enumerables, and LINQ Extension Methods

Scott Reed

Scott Reed has 25 years experience developing software. Scott’s career in software began in 1993 at IBM. Along the way he developed enterprise solutions for Microsoft and Cardinal Health. Scott specializes in software architecture and agile development, where he has been involved in designing web services and cloud-based solutions. He is active in the .NET community, and is frequently called on to speak. Scott is a partner at Crafting Bytes, a software development consulting firm. He is the chairman of the San Diego .NET Architecture Group.
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SOAP and REST: build BOTH with WCF

Steve Evans

Steve Evans has been doing DevOps since before the term DevOps was invented. He is a Pluralsight Author, six time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and technical Speaker at various industry events. In his spare time he manages a DevOps team at a Silicon Valley Biotech focused on improving the lives of cancer patients. For over 15 years Steve has focused on making technology better for businesses by bridging the gap between IT and Development teams. You can follow his technical blog at or find him on twitter at @TheLoudSteve.
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IT Pro Panel: Q&A for Developers
Can Cloud Computing Save the World?
Networking for Developers

Scott Varcoe

Scott graduated from Neumont University in Salt Lake City, Utah and now works at InterKnowlogy as an Associate Software Engineer. He specializes in Silverlight, WPF and WCF.

Windows 7, Jumplists, and the taskbar

Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller has been working with databases for almost 15 years. He currently is the Database Administration Manager at HMS, a healthcare consulting company in Santa Ana. Thomas got his BS in Digital Media & Computer Science in 1999 and received his MS in Information Systems from Claremont Graduate University in 2004. In addition to databases, his interests include data warehousing, data mining, knowledge management and LEGO®.
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LEGO® Mindstorms robotics programming competition, session 3 (same as session 1 and 2)
LEGO® Mindstorms robotics programming competition, session 2 (same as session 1 and 3)
LEGO® Mindstorms robotics programming competition, session 1 (same as session 2 and 3)

Tom Unger

Tom is a CISSP and CSSLP with over 35 years of experience in software and systems development. He has been working with .NET since 2001 and Microsoft’s Secure Software Lifecycle since 2004.

Secure Software Lifecycle

Woody Zuill

Woody Zuill has been programming computers for 30+ years, and is an independent Agile Coach/Trainer/Consultant. Over the last 15+ years he has worked as an Agile Coach, Trainer, and Extreme Programmer. He believes code must be simple, clean, and maintainable to realize the Agile promise of Responding to Change. He spent many years as an artist/designer/manufacturer of graphics for televised sporting events where deadlines are for real. Loves Mob Programming.
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• Code Excellence for the Average Programmer Part I
• Code Excellence for the Average Programmer Part II

Curtis Taylor

Two things drew me to software development - the pleasure of writing code and the enjoyable challenge of presenting abstraction through interface and interaction to human beings in a way that is understandable and fun. Thus for me, developing interfaces is an interaction between user and developer. … I have been coding C, C++, and C# for the last 12 years. In that time I have mostly focused on user interface component design and development. This trek has brought me through legacy APIs of the Mac and Windows to today where my focus is on .NET development, primarily with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight. … I really think Microsoft has made an immense move forward with WPF and Silverlight. More than ever, these technologies empower developers to innovate new designs and interactions as well as promote rapid development, best practices, and high quality. My enthusiasm has brought me out of the cubicle as software engineer to become consultant, trainer, and promoter of this really cool technology.

Advanced Expression Blend for WPF
Intro to Silverlight
Advanced Expression Blend for Silverlight

German Eichberger

German Eichberger is a Principal Software Engineer with HP, the Co-PTL of OpenStack Octavia, and an instructor with Mesa College. In previous roles he was a Senior Software Engineer at Sony Online Entertainment and previously for the Digital Fish Library, the head of UCSD Extension's IT programs, and a project manager/software architect for PwC Consulting. He earned a Master in Computer Science doing computer vision research. His interests are Cloud, SDN, and Microservices.