This is the list of presenters from Code Camp Los Angeles that was held on the weekend of 11/12/2016

We hope you enjoyed this Code Camp and will join us for the next one.


Abhi Jain

I am a senior software developer and a coach for developers. You can check out my Youtube Channel: Coach4Dev for learning how to answer practice problems in technical interviews.

How to Crack Technical Interviews

Michael Washington

Michael Washington is a website developer and an ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Basic programmer. He has been a Microsoft MVP for over nine years. He has a son, Zachary and resides in Los Angeles with his wife Valerie. Michael is the founder of The Ai Help Website ( He is the author of: * Creating HTML 5 Websites and Cloud Business Apps Using LightSwitch In Visual Studio 2013-2015 * Creating Web Pages Using the LightSwitch HTML Client: In Visual Studio 2012 * Creating Visual Studio LightSwitch Custom Controls (Beginner to Intermediate) * OData And Visual Studio LightSwitch Using ASP.NET / Windows Phone / jQuery / datajs / Knockout
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Creating a Facebook and a Skype Bot using C#

Adrian Otto

Adrian is a Distinguished Architect at Rackspace, after a successful career as a serial entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of experience in technology leadership. He served as the founding PTL for both the OpenStack Solum and OpenStack Magnum projects, and founded the OpenStack Containers Team. He believes that a rich ecosystem of open source projects is a key to cloud technology adoption. Adrian believes deeply in keeping a strategic long-term view paired with achievable tactical goals. He has spent his recent years working extensively in collaborative pursuits that organize numerous companies to agree and work together. He is rational, reasoned, principled, and knows how to drive consensus. Adrian holds integrity as his highest virtue.
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What's really the difference between a VM and a Container?
Build Your Own Open Source Cloud

Annie Bubinski

Annie is a Community Evangelist for Microsoft based in Los Angeles who focuses on the developer ecosystem on the West Coast. She has attended over 20 hackathons in the last 2 years and most recently has been playing around with data sets and Python to see what Machine Learning can do. In college, Annie studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at USC and is an avid Trojan fan. Outside of work, she enjoys urban gardening and watching movies.
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Kids' Session: Minecraft Hour of Code
Kids' Session: Pokémon Go Make A Website

Anita Cheng

Anita is a former cancer scientist who went into tech to help people faster. She dabbled in medical illustration, graphic design, then web design before discovering UX. She is currently an Information Architect and UX Developer at the City of LA Dept of Building and Safety. She started her web design career with HTML/CSS, and has added JQuery, Wordpress, and ASP.NET to her skills (out of necessity!).
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Developer vs Designer - Getting onto the same page

Philip Yurchuk

I run Made Up Name (, a software development and staffing company. I'm the author of the career course "Get a Better Developer Job!" (, the co-organizer of the Orange County Java User Group ( and organizer of SoCal Technical Interview Study Group ( Reach out if you think I can help!
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Get a Better Job!
Programmer Productivity

Aleksey Tsalolikhin

Aleksey Tsalolikhin is a DevOps consultant and trainer at Vertical Sysadmin ( He's trained staff from world-class organizations such as AT&T, VISA, Chevron, LinkedIn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and many others. His trainings are known for being intensive and in-depth, where real learning occurs.
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Build a Cloud Workshop (part 4 of 4)
Build a Cloud Workshop (part 2 of 4)
Build a Cloud Workshop (part 1 of 4)
Build a Cloud Workshop (part 3 of 4)

Ben Perlmutter

I am passionate about Big Data and particularly combing through large data sets and making sense of them.
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Business Intelligence Architectures in the Cloud

Brian Loesgen

Brian Loesgen is the founder and CEO of Perfect Storm Systems LLC, a firm specializing in Cloud computing, Integration, BizTalk Server and Azure Logic App projects. Based in San Diego, a Microsoft alumni, Brian is a former member of the Microsoft Azure ISV team. Brian is a 6-time Microsoft MVP and has extensive experience in building sophisticated enterprise, ESB and SOA solutions. Brian was a key architect/developer of the “Microsoft ESB Guidance”, initially released by Microsoft in Oct 2006. He is a co-author of the SOA Manifesto, and is a co-author of 8 books, including “SOA with .NET and Windows Azure”, and is the lead author of “BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed”. He has written technical white papers for Intel, Microsoft and others. Brian has spoken at numerous major technical conferences worldwide. Brian is a co-founder and past-President of the International .NET Association (, and past-President of the San Diego .NET user group. Brian was also a member of the Microsoft Connected Systems Division Virtual Technical Specialist Team pilot, and is part of Microsoft’s Connected Systems Advisory Board. Brian has been blogging since 2003 at
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Serverless architecture & computing using Microsoft Azure

Barry Stahl

Barry is a .NET Software Engineer who has been creating business solutions for enterprise customers for more than 30 years. Barry is also an Election Integrity Activist, baseball and hockey fan, husband of one genius and father of another, and a 30+ year resident of Phoenix Arizona. When Barry is not traveling around the world to speak at Conferences, Code Camps and User Groups or to participate in GiveCamps, he spends his days building integrated, intelligent systems for enterprise customers and his nights thinking about the next AZGiveCamp, an annual event where software developers come together to build websites and apps for some great non-profit organizations. You can follow Barry on Twitter @bsstahl or read his blog at
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A Developer's Guide to Finding Optimal Solutions

Bret Stateham

I am Microsoft Developer Evangelist based in San Diego. I have been working with Microsoft technologies since 1992 and speaking about Microsoft server platforms since 1998. You can learn more about me via my blog at, or follow @BretStateham on twitter.

IoT and WordPress, a marriage made in the Cloud!
Azure IoT - A Complete Backend Solution
Windows 10 IoT Core on the Raspberry Pi
Debugging Node.js with Visual Studio Code

Ashok Modi

I am currently a software engineer at My primary duties involve working on the core CARD product and intimately working with various technologies to bring their goals to fruition. Outside work, I dedicate some of my time in working on a freelance basis and, whenever possible, contributing back what I learn and/or create back to the open source community. Right now (and for the past 10 years), I'm primarily involved in the Drupal and DevOps communities in LA.
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Testing tools for the frontend

CJ Wang

C.J. Wang is a senior manager and has been working in the HealthCare IT since 1999. His first healthcare system is a real-time patient tracking emergency department system running 24X7. He then starts managing a team of professionals, including a database architect, server administrators, data analysts, and application developers, and builds many healthcare solutions, such as chronic disease registry, medication reconciliation, prescription printing, clinical alerts, workflow automation, rule-based tasks, empanelment request, risk stratification, etc. In addition, he also leads the efforts on data integration and operational data store (ODS) development, to provide key healthcare data to support the healthcare organization obtaining supplemental funding through several pay-for-performance initiatives, such as Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (DSRIP). C.J. enjoys volunteering at the local history museum, reading novels, and exploring his interests in graphic design, photography and traditional Chinese medicine. Follow him on Twitter @HealthCareEng
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Optimizing the HealthCare Industry through Technology

Alistair Cooper

Independent iOS developer. Session leader at Learn Swift L.A. (HollyWood) meetup AWS Certified Developer Associate Author of blog t: @swiftcomposer
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Swift and the Amazon Web Services Cloud

Dave Moore

Dave began developing software in high school, and qualified for multiple national level American software competitions in both software engineering and Java development before going on to graduate from Northern Illinois University with a degree in business. He opened his own software company after college, and developed websites and apps for local businesses. As Director of Software Services, Dave runs 8th Light’s Los Angeles office. When he isn't helping support the software crafters in LA, he is delivering code, running projects, and training developers at various client sites. Before opening 8th Light’s Los Angeles office, Dave worked as a consultant and led 8th Light’s studio division. Throughout the years Dave has built software using a wide variety of technologies using best practices like TDD, pairing, continuous integration, etc. With full stack experience, Dave has spent a lot of time focusing on how to strengthen the integration points of software to ensure high availability; even going so far as to speak internationally at conferences on the subject.
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Applying Software Craftsmanship

Dave Gullo

Dave Gullo is the Co-Founder and Fire Chief of Technology (and Lead Arsonist) at VideoAmp where he hacks and prototypes new technology and manages the technology team's growth and culture. Interested in connecting or hearing about VideoAmp's open roles?
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Fixing Suboptimal API Integrations
Going Full-Full Stack: Hybrid use of Scala and Node.js

David Barkol

David Barkol is an expert in stucco, a veteran software engineer and an outlaw in Peru. He is also a Cloud Architect at Microsoft.
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Cloud Design Patterns for Scalability and Performance

Dexter Baga

Self-taught software developer with a voracious appetite for learning.
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Introduction to AWS IoT

Carlos Meza

Carlos Meza currently works as an Site Reliability Engineer for a Critical Event Management company. Prior to that he was a developer for an operations team at a CDN. He codes operations and devops tools for both in-house and open-source solutions. He also helps teams package and release their code. Carlos has also presented at SCaLE on CI/CD pipelines and at DevOps Day on Test Driven Infrastructure. Twitter: @digitalr00ts
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How to DevOps - Learning CI / CD by Building Personal Websites

Aaron Crow

Aaron Crow is a lead engineer at Factual. He encouraged Factual to adopt Clojure as a first class language. He also helped launch Drake (an open source data workflow tool). He currently works on a team with fantastic full-stack engineers who build Factual’s customer facing products. He cares deeply about how decisions are made.
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Organizational Justice for Engineers

Edward Arenberg

I have been developing for iOS since 2008. My company, EPage, also does Android development and back-end services. We started developing for the Web in 1994, and built some of the earliest web services. We mostly do contract development and have delivered over 300 apps for clients.
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iOS App Development 101

Elijah Scheele

Santa Monica based freelance developer. Exploring the potential that React Native has to offer.
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Intro to Mobile Application Development with React Native - Cancelled due to illness- Sorry!
Let's build an app with React Native! Cancelled due to illness- Sorry!

Galen Emery

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Learning from Configuration Management

Garric Nahapetian

Garric is an iOS Developer on the mobile team at Farmers Insurance. He's the founder and host of the SwiftCoders podcast as well as the Learn Swift LA meet up.

Introduction to Apple Platform Development
Test-Driven Protocol-Oriented Functional-Reactive­ MVVM in iOS Development

Guillaume TORCHE

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Real Time Analytics at Scale with Druid

Hattan Shobokshi

Hattan Shobokshi is a software developer & technical speaker . Hattan is responsible for developing applications on a variety of platforms including web and mobile devices. He is passionate about delivering scalable applications that adhere to industry best practices. He is Vice President of the Los Angeles .NET user group as well as a member of the organizing committee for SoCal Code Camp. He regularly presents at local user groups and code camps. Hattan is also one of the founding members and organizers of JavaScript Saturday Los Angeles.
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JavaScript Simplified: Closures, Prototypes, Promises, and more
ASP.NET Core Deep Dive
Accidentally DevOps : Continuous Integration for the .NET Developer

Jessica Deen

Jessica is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft focusing on Azure, Infrastructure, cloud and OSS. Prior to joining Microsoft, she spent over a decade as an IT Consultant / Systems Administrator for various corporate and enterprise environments, catering to end users and IT professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jessica holds three Microsoft Certifications (MCP, MSTS, Azure Infrastructure), 3 CompTIA certifications (A+, Network+, and Security+), 4 Apple Certifications, and is a former 4-year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Windows and Devices for IT. In 2013, she also achieved her FEMA certification from the U.S Department of Homeland Security, which recognizes her leadership and influence abilities during times of crisis and emergency.
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Getting started with BASH on Windows 10
Azure Management from any platform: Linux, OS X, and Windows
Intro to Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing

Jimmy Muga

Former Software Engineer at TMZ and instructor at bootcamp teaching C#, Angular, T-SQL and MEAN stack. Currently a software engineer at GoFundMe. Experienced in elasticsearch, Redis, CQRS, docker, .Net, PHP, SOA.
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Mean: Getting Started and Best Practices

Joe Mayo

Joe Mayo is an author, instructor, and independent software consultant, specializing in Microsoft technologies. He has written several books, including Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework by Microsoft Press. Joe is a Microsoft AI MVP with several years of awards, he lives in Las Vegas, NV and tweets (as @JoeMayo) about #ai, #botframework, and #chatbots on Twitter.
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Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework

John Clingan

John has been a Java developer for 20 years. During this time he as worked for Sun Microsystems and Oracle as the Java EE and GlassFish Server Product Manager. More recently he has moved to Red Hat where he is a product manager for next-generation platforms like WIldFly Swarm, Vert.x, and the microservices strategy in general. John is also an instructor at UC Irvine Extension.
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Java EE Microservices

Justine Cocchi

Justine is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. She has worked primarily on web development and is interested in a range of technology including mobile development and bots. She recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Computer Science and Business Administration and is currently focusing on .NET Core.
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Bots are the new apps. BotFramework Using Node.js and

Jennie Ibrahim

Jennie Ibrahim has been building software since 1998. She's been working at Google since 2010, working in Java and most recently in AngularDart. Prior to Google, she worked in the defense industry. She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Northeastern University. She enjoys time with her husband and her three kids under 5.
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Guava -- Google's Core Java Libraries
Breaking the Ice
Angular 2 Dart

Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist with expertise in game, virtual and augmented reality development based out of Los Angeles. As an evangelist, Katherine is a frequent public speaker and runs a developer blog about how to develop interactive 3D applications with the Microsoft Platform. She is the co-host of ImagineThis, a web series for students to learn about the tech industry, and The Game Dev Show on MSDN’s Channel9 network. Katherine was the first woman in the world to become a Unity Certified developer, and has been developing games since college. Before becoming a game and VR/AR evangelist, Katherine worked with several Microsoft partners to port iPhone and Android applications to Windows.

VR 101: Development and Design

Kevin Epstein

CTO CorpInfo and Organizer for the Los Angeles AWS Users Group ( I'm a Long time *nix Sys Admin. I spend my days consulting with customers trying to make the most of AWS. Hobbiest coder, mostly with Python because - boto!
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Build your first Amazon Alexa Skill

Josiah Mory

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Swift by Example - Optionals, Protocols, and Extensions

Liz Krane

Freelance web dev and programming instructor; founder of Learn Teach Code, the largest educational tech meetup in SoCal (; co-director/chapter lead of Women Who Code LA and Girl Develop It LA. Find me online:
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Building Your First Real-Time Interactive Web App with and Nodejs

Liliana Monge

Co-Founder and CEO of Sabio an awesome Developer Community
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The Top 5 Things to do when Raising Angel Investment
WomenInTech HTML/CSS Workshop

James Counts

I am a .NET CodeMonkey living in San Diego county. Sometimes I have a thought and write it down on my blog: Contrary to popular belief I am not actually 8 years old.
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Ship Better, Faster

Ryan Milbourne

Blockchain and crypto-currency advocate.
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Understanding the blockchain through Bitcoin

Mario Hernandez

Mario works for Mediacurrent as a Front-End Developer and Drupal themer. He is also a public speaker living in Los Angeles. Before joining Mediacurrent Mario worked for the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, the largest federal court in the country, as the lead themer and front-end developer. He designed and developed the first responsive website for a federal court. Mario is a volunteer instructor and technology advisor for Teens eXploring Technology (TxT), a non-profit organization in South Los Angeles teaching inner city teens about technology and entrepreneurship. As a public speaker Mario conducts private and community-driven workshops and webinars where he continues to express his passion for design and Drupal. When he’s not theming or conducting training, you can find Mario tweeting about Drupal, CSS, HTML, RWD and more. Twitter: @imariohernandez Web:
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Component-driven front-end development
Drupal 8: An Advanced Content Management System

Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff is the founder and president of LearnToProgram Media and Punk Learning. Mark’s company has taught over 800,000 software,web and mobile developers online, in the corporate classroom and in secondary schools across the country. Previous to founding LearnToProgram, Mark started several companies in the Austin, Texas area and continues to promote entrepreneurship and computer science. He is an in-demand speaker and has traveled the world to teach programming techniques and technologies. Mark has authored eight books on programming. He lives on the Connecticut coast, where he is in the process of redecorating his condo. Want to help?
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The 10 Foot Experience: Developing for TV on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV
HTML5 Mobile Development with PhonGap: One Hour App Challenge

Matthew Jesuele

Matthew Jesuele builds web apps and chatbots. Currently working on Winston (, an education chatbot for coursework. Also launching a development business with partner Megan McGee: Make Apps ( and Make Bots (
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Chatbots, APIs, and Functional Fun with RunKit

Minko Gechev

Minko is a functional time-traveler and freelance software engineer with a passion for open source. He loves to experiment with theoretical concepts and apply them in practice. Minko teaches, speaks and writes about JavaScript and Angular. Some of the projects he works on are angular2-style-guide, angular2-hot-loader, the book “Switching to Angular 2” and a few others. Currently changing education with Learn Capital.

Building Angular 2 Application for Production

Mike Weilgart

Mike Weilgart has loved maths and computers all his life. Graduating high school at the age of 13, he thereafter worked in a variety of positions including software QA, calculus teacher, and graphic design, before resolving to put his love of computers to professional use as a Linux sysadmin and trainer. Mike currently consults at a Fortune 50 company as an automation specialist, and enjoys nothing more than training people to full mastery of their tools.
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Git Foundations — Unlocking the Mysteries

Mike Vincent

Mike Vincent is a veteran software entrepreneur and solutions architect based in Orange County, California and Kona, Hawaii. He currently provides clients throughout North America with application lifecycle management training, consultation and Scrum coaching primarily focusing on Microsoft .NET technology. He has been in the software business for over 30 years in addition to marketing management, construction management and structural engineering positions. Actively involved in the user group community since the early 90's, Mike is a past Vice President and Treasurer of INETA Noram. He is a frequent presenter at developer events including Microsoft TechEd and PDC. He is a Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management MVP, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, and Professional Scrum Developer Trainer.
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Emergent Architecture - Just Enough Just in Time

Miska Kaipiainen

CEO & Founder at Kontena, Inc.
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How to choose container platform?
Managing secrets & SSL certificates with Docker containers

Boian Mitov

Over 30 years of overall programming and hardware experience. Over 25 years of Delphi experience. Owner of Mitov Software Author of the OpenWire technology: Author of the OpenWire Studio: Author of the Visuino - Graphical programming for Arduino
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Programming Arduino Robots with Visuino
Video, Audio Processing, DSP, Computer Visuino and Artificial Intelligence in Delphi
Implementing Internet of Things with Visuino
Artificial Intelligence with .NET

Muhammad Nabeel

Muhammad Nabeel is the Director of Application Development and Architecture at His passion is to keep searching for perfection in technology and reading. He lives in Corona, CA and loves mountain biking.

Continuous delivery with Azure App Service

Shraddha Swaroop

As an award-winning design leader, Swaroop has a proven track record of building products that delight users and meet business goals. Currently Swaroop is a lead UX designer, instructor and coach in the greater Los Angeles area. Her client list includes Apple, Kelley Blue Book, Dell and Dow Chemical Company. She is passionate about helping to introduce girls and young women to the tech field. Her work with the Orange County User Experience group and SoCal UX Camp helps her to use her extensive tech background to help women navigating the industry. She has spoken at SoCal UX Camp, TechJobsLA and is heading to ConveyUX in 2017.
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Prototyping 101: Sketch and InVision

Michael Williams

After receiving a Ph.D. in Mathematics and working for several years in academia, I joined the digital advertising platform GumGum, Inc., where I have been a Data Scientist for over one year. My current projects include a Spark-based system to forecast ad impressions, and using machine learning to optimize real-time bidding (RTB) auction performance.
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An Ad Impression Forecasting Tool Built With Apache Spark

Nicole Klein

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Finding Your Career in Tech

Nuri Halperin

Nuri Halperin consults, develops, and teaches software development with passion. He designs and builds systems, websites and line of business applications. He has been getting things done for a variety clients small and large. From founding CTO of to international e-commerce multilingual websites, to social photo sharing - he's been working to meld new ideas and techniques with solid engineering know-how. He is an author for, and provides hands on training for companies and individuals. Nuri is a frequent speaker at tech events. He enjoys interacting with developers and helping people reach that "Aha!" moment. Nuri is a Mongo Master, certified MongoDB DBA and Developer, and the inaugural recipient of MongoDB's William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award.
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Concurrency is child's play! (Powerful, Naïve, and full of "Oops!")
MongoDB Aggregation like a Champ!
Make Ideas, Not Tasks!
MongoDB First Steps

Michael Palermo

Michael is an international speaker/trainer and has been evangelizing innovative technologies for nearly two decades.  Michael’s current passion is empowering developers to create voice-interactive ‘smart home’ experiences with Alexa.  Michael has authored technical books for WROX and has published online courses with Microsoft, LearnKey, and Pluralsight.  Prior to Amazon, Michael worked at Microsoft as a Senior Developer Evangelist sharing cutting-edge web technologies to mobile app communities.  Get Michael’s latest insights by following him on twitter via @palermo4.

Enabling Voice Interactive Experiences with Smart Home Skill API

Prathap Kudupu

Prathap Kudupu is a Consultant, Full stack developer, Application Architect, Speaker, Author with over 13 years of experience in modern web development and technologies.He specializes in professional application development with technologies including Windows, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, C#, .NET and SQL Server. He is often found speaking in code camps. He recently discovered just how awesome bots development can be and is passionate about sharing the awesomeness!. He is an active blogger. You can find him at
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Are Chat bots the next Apps?

Paul Whitmer

I am a full stack developer that has worked in the community for 6 years. I love learning and working with new technologies. Programming should be fun and deliverable. Additionally I'm a big movie buff and love playing board games in my spare time. I can't wait to meet everyone and exchange some great ideas!
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Ship Better, Faster

James Lang

James Lang is an experienced Agile Coach, Agile & Lean Practitioner and Consultant with a demonstrated ability to motivate teams and deliver measurable business value. He is a Certified Agile Coach (ICP-ACC) and Certified Scrum Professional (CSP-SM, CSP-PO) with over 14 years of experience and success in the facilitation of systems integration and software development projects across a variety of industries, James has guided many Development Teams, Product Owners and Project Stakeholders through the challenges and finer points of adopting Agile and Lean frameworks. He is a true servant leader with focus on providing the highest business value to customers emphasizing quality and rapid delivery.
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Lean Thinking and the Agile User Story

raymond mintz

Raymond Mintz is a passionate and self taught programmer who works in both Network Operations Center as an analyst and as a software engineer in security where he has developed a wide range of tools used through out many different teams and applications.
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Regional Load Testing with Beeswithmachineguns/hurl

Richard Grossman

Richard Grossman has been a programmer, team leader, tech manager, and CTO. Paraphrasing Winston Churcill, "Some are born CTO's, some achieve being a CTO, and some have the CTO title thrust upon them." I had it thrust upon me. :) I had to learn it. And then I had the power to create the environment I always thought developers should have, and be a partner for company management.
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Lead Tech to Tech Leader: Moving to Management

Robin Rowe

Hollywood Innovation Provider and Producer
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Agile Safety-Critical C++

Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET and Node. He's a frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software development. You can find recent talks on his blog at and follow him on twitter at @rob_rich.
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Testing in ASP.NET Core with XUnit and MoQ
What is this .NET Core thing anyway?
Welcome to Docker
Anatomy of a Web Request

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is Oslo-based web UI developer, a Google Developer Expert with strong passion to mobile. He has 10+ years experience in development front-ends for complex web applications. He knows everything about web front-end: starting from user interfaces prototyping, going through HTML/CSS/JS implementation and finishing with architecting RESTful APIs. Working daily with web front-end technologies he is happy to experiment with the same stack for building hybrid mobile apps using latest hybrid frameworks. On evenings he runs Norway’s largest meetups dedicated to web front-end: Framsia, AngularJS Oslo. Also he is leader of Norway's biggest community dedicated to mobile development (Mobile Meetup Oslo) and currently working on organizing conference for mobile developers in 2016. Maxim likes to travel the world visiting developers events and open for offers to share his experiences and knowledge by speaking at conferences and meetups.
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Angular Material 2: Reward your app with high-quality UI in minutes

Stephen Bhadran

Stephen Bhadran is a TechLead at DealerTrack and works on the CRM product team. He has worked on - Micro Services, Batch Processing, API Integration, PII Encryption, DevOps, etc - in the recent years. Prior to DealerTrack he worked at Napster in an Architect role leading a team to develop high-traffic REST APIs to stream music in Phones, TVs and connected devices . He is a co-founder of 'SouthBay JVM User Group' where he spends his time finding speakers and organizing meetups.
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Java DevOps - Fighting the good fight

Ravi Advani

Enterprise Application Architect with a passion for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneur.
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Are Chat bots the next Apps?

Todd Zebert

IT Sherpa: CTO, Founder, Fullstack Dev, Drupal & Wordpress Mason. Crushing on AngularJS & Node. Maker. Charitable, curious, caffeinated single dad.
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Survey of the JavaScript Ecosystem
Survey of JavaScript Concepts

Tom Vignard

Sr. Product Manager at Farmers Insurance, leading Mobile and Agile transformation. After spending 5 years in the startup world, leading product and marketing innovations in the advertising and Fintech industry, I am now leading the transformation of the oldest and largest Insurance company, Farmers Insurance. Through my personal journey, I have learnt "how to get things done", both in a flexible, scrappy or rigid corporate environment.
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Developers, Designers and PMs: Agile collaboration for a better product

Tom Bray

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Intro to GraphQL: A query language for your API

Troy Miles

Coder, Author, Speaker, Musician
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Functional Programming with Clojure
TDD with Angular 2 & Jasmine
Functional Programming in JavaScript

Udy Sarma

Udy is an Azure cloud solution architect at Microsoft.
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Serverless architecture & computing using Microsoft Azure

Vazi Okhandiar

Microsoft Certified Trainer
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Build a Dashboard in a Day

Vishal Saxena

Vishal Saxena is a Microsoft Azure MVP with over 16 years experience developing products using Microsoft technology stack.
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Microsoft Service Fabric for Developers

Vaibhav Puranik

Vaibhav has 15 years of Software Engineering Experience. For last 5 years he has been working in Big Data Space. He currently works as VP of Engineering, Big Data & Platform at GumGum
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Lambda Architecture
Introduction to Big Data

Wendy Steinman

Software Engineer and Assistant Facility Security Officer for WarpIV Technologies, Inc. WarpIV Technologies, Inc. is an innovative software development company that provides high performance computing and interoperability solutions for the Department of Defense. Our scientists, analysts, and engineers work to solve complex problems in the areas of modeling, simulation, parallel and distributed processing, and systems engineering.
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Canceled: An Introduction to Time Management Principles in Parallel Computing

Zia Khan

Passionate about assisting organizations gain insight from data and helping companies transition into a data driven business. Working with theDevMasters, he leads a team of data scientist focusing on recommendation systems and natural language processing.
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Introduction to Data Science using python