This is the list of presenters from Code Camp Los Angeles that was held on the weekend of 12/2/2017

We hope you enjoyed this Code Camp and will join us for the next one.


Abhi Jain

I am a senior software developer and a coach for developers. You can check out my Youtube Channel: Coach4Dev for learning how to answer practice problems in technical interviews.

How to crack Technical Interview
SOLID Principles in .NET

Michael Washington

Michael Washington is a website developer and an ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Basic programmer. He has been a Microsoft MVP for over nine years. He has a son, Zachary and resides in Los Angeles with his wife Valerie. Michael is the founder of The Ai Help Website ( He is the author of: * Creating HTML 5 Websites and Cloud Business Apps Using LightSwitch In Visual Studio 2013-2015 * Creating Web Pages Using the LightSwitch HTML Client: In Visual Studio 2012 * Creating Visual Studio LightSwitch Custom Controls (Beginner to Intermediate) * OData And Visual Studio LightSwitch Using ASP.NET / Windows Phone / jQuery / datajs / Knockout
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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio (for the Non-Data Scientist)

Andrew Karcher

I am a Data Professional that is super passionate about the ability of data to drive change in our world, work, and personal lives. I have over 15 years of experience across multiple roles, companies and technologies. A passion for learning is core to how I approach life. Over 10+ years I have spoken at User Groups, Code Camps, SQL Saturdays and Conferences along with supporting my local community as a SQL Saturday Organizer, User Group leader, and advocate for community involvement for all technology professionals. I was also recognized by Microsoft as a four-time SQL Server MVP for my technical community contributions.
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Data Foundations - Querying Data with the Select statement
Living in a Polyglot Data World - Which Database Type is Best?

Annie Bubinski

Annie is a Community Evangelist for Microsoft based in Los Angeles who focuses on the developer ecosystem on the West Coast. She has attended over 20 hackathons in the last 2 years and most recently has been playing around with data sets and Python to see what Machine Learning can do. In college, Annie studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at USC and is an avid Trojan fan. Outside of work, she enjoys urban gardening and watching movies.
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How to Survive the Titanic with Machine Learning

Andrew Nakamura

Andrew Nakamura is a SQL DBA at Keck Medical Center of USC. He has been in the industry for over 15 years. He recently completed the Implementing and Developing on Azure and Office 365 certifications. His passions are cloud and database technologies, automation, Toastmasters, family and faith.
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Thuffering Thuccotash! Its SQL Server Query Store!
Peter Piper Picked a Powershell Pack of Pester Tests

matt baker

Matt Baker has been working in software for over 12 years. Specializing in .Net and NodeJS stacks, he loves finding simple solutions to complex problems. A strong believer in constantly improving, he takes pride in his code bases and the value they deliver to his customers. As a coder, trainer, speaker and open source contributor, he enjoys taking on new challenges and remains amazed at the power of properly implemented technology. Matt has a wide array of experience in multiple industries, such as online learning, video game development, insurance, and government contracting. Currently working as a Software Craftsman at Pluralsight, he is helping people learn through an online training platform. When not tinkering on his computer, he enjoys live music, the Wasatch mountains and a good book.
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Surviving the Breakup: Tales of Monolith Decomposition

Andrés Nava

Andres Nava is a software developer, technical presenter, and Principal Consultant at Technossus. He has focused his career on the Microsoft stack working on .NET and Azure. Andres has a passion for building scalable applications that follow technical best-practices across the web, cloud, and mobile. Andres recently passed the three Azure certifications and is now a Microsoft Certified Expert in Azure. He also helps organize the OC Azure User Group:
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Building Serverless Application using Azure Functions

Phil Bangayan

Phil Bangayan is Director, Marketing Data Science and Analytics at Universal Studios Hollywood. In this role, he leads the team in analysis of marketing, sales and research data to develop insights for business decisions, such as smoothing attendance, maximizing channel profitability, and optimizing membership programs. Outside of work, Phil has followed baseball for decades and is interested in the application of data to the sport.
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Introduction to sabermetrics using R

Barry Stahl

Barry is a .NET Software Engineer who has been creating business solutions for enterprise customers for more than 30 years. Barry is also an Election Integrity Activist, baseball and hockey fan, husband of one genius and father of another, and a 30+ year resident of Phoenix Arizona. When Barry is not traveling around the world to speak at Conferences, Code Camps and User Groups or to participate in GiveCamps, he spends his days building integrated, intelligent systems for enterprise customers and his nights thinking about the next AZGiveCamp, an annual event where software developers come together to build websites and apps for some great non-profit organizations. You can follow Barry on Twitter @bsstahl or read his blog at
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A Developer's Survey of AI Methodologies
Building AI Solutions with Google OR Tools

Christine Lambino-Cunliffe

Christine is a Partner at Bobo Strategy. She joined full time in 2016 and has played an integral role in the company’s growth through the development and release of multiple products, services, and revenue streams that have expanded the company’s footprint across an eclectic group of industries and customer bases. Starting with $15 almost 10 years ago, Christine and her business partner have grown their company into a multi-million dollar revenue generating business and collaborating with others interested in creating sustainable growth. In addition to her role at Bobo Strategy, Christine has an interest in supporting fellow entrepreneurs, small businesses, and women in technology. She currently serves as the Chapter Director for ChickTech Orange County, a non-profit promoting women and girls in tech. She was recognized as one of Advancing Women in Technology (AWT's) 2017 Rising Women in Technology and also received the 2018 Gamechanger Award from Connected Women of Influence. Christine has a Master’s in Public Administration and Public Policy from Northwestern University and holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certifications. In her spare time, she enjoys looking for deals, attending Angels baseball games, traveling, and playing carnival games.
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Women in Tech Career Panel

CJ Wang

C.J. Wang is a senior manager and has been working in the HealthCare IT since 1999. His first healthcare system is a real-time patient tracking emergency department system running 24X7. He then starts managing a team of professionals, including a database architect, server administrators, data analysts, and application developers, and builds many healthcare solutions, such as chronic disease registry, medication reconciliation, prescription printing, clinical alerts, workflow automation, rule-based tasks, empanelment request, risk stratification, etc. In addition, he also leads the efforts on data integration and operational data store (ODS) development, to provide key healthcare data to support the healthcare organization obtaining supplemental funding through several pay-for-performance initiatives, such as Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (DSRIP). C.J. enjoys volunteering at the local history museum, reading novels, and exploring his interests in graphic design, photography and traditional Chinese medicine. Follow him on Twitter @HealthCareEng
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From InfoPath to PowerApps
Optimizing HealthCare through Technology

Chris Stead

Chris is a full stack developer working within the spectrum of Javascript technologies. He is passionate about learning things he hasn't seen before and sharing what he's learned. He's an active open source contributor and an avid test writer. Chris is the primary developer for the Javascript libraries Signet, JFP and a plugin, called JS Refactorings, for VS Code and Atom. He also has built several helper libraries and tools to simplify the coding and testing experience.
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Communicate With Code -- Tests That Don't Suck

Daisy Shobokshi

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Dave Gullo

Dave Gullo is the Co-Founder and Fire Chief of Technology (and Lead Arsonist) at VideoAmp where he hacks and prototypes new technology and manages the technology team's growth and culture. Interested in connecting or hearing about VideoAmp's open roles?
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Running Arbitrarily huge Apache Spark Clusters with Flint

David McCarter

David McCarter is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), C# Corner MVP, solutions architect, speaker, consultant, professional code reviewer and interviewer in San Diego, California. He is the editor-in-chief of a web site dedicated to helping software engineers in all aspects of programming since 1994. David has written for programming magazines and has published many books including "David McCarter's .NET Coding Standards" available at: He is one of the founders and directors of the San Diego .NET Developers Group ( for 20 years. In 2008 David won the INETA Community Excellence Award for his involvement in the .NET community. Daivd is a featured writer and MVP on C# Corner. David is also an inventor of a software printing system that was approved by the US Patient Office in May 2008. His Microsoft MVP profile is located at:
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Rock Your Code Quality
Rock Your .NET Core Best Practices

Dexter Baga

Self-taught software developer with a voracious appetite for learning.
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Database Unit Testing with tSQLt

Doris Chen

Dr. Doris Chen Blog Twitter @doristchen Dr. Doris Chen is a Senior Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, specialized in web technologies (web performance tuning, mobile web, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript and Java). Doris has over 18 years of experience in the software industry working in several open source web tier technologies, Java platform, .NET and distributed computing technologies. She speaks at numerous international conferences and user groups including O’Reilly OSCON, Fluent, Dev Nexus, PHP, HTML5 Dev Conference, WebVisions, JavaOne, SD Forum, and worldwide User Groups. Doris works very closely to create and foster the open source community around Java, NetBeans, Glassfish, and related technologies. Before joining Microsoft, Doris Chen was a Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems. Doris received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in computer engineering, specializing in medical informatics.
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What's New in TypeScript?
Dive into Bots

Dustin Vannoy

Data Engineer/Architect/Manager focused on modern data systems and practices in the world of analytics. Privileged to work on the Pluralsight data team based in downtown San Diego.
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SQL on Hadoop: Getting Started

Edward Arenberg

I have been developing for iOS since 2008. My company, EPage, also does Android development and back-end services. We started developing for the Web in 1994, and built some of the earliest web services. We mostly do contract development and have delivered over 300 apps for clients.
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Build an Augmented Reality app using ARKit on iOS

Eric Lauffenburger

Eric is a software developer with a passion for correct, maintainable, and beautiful code! In his day job he writes enterprise software for a number of companies with Technossus using traditional Microsoft technologies like C# and TypeScript, but by night he enjoys languages like Rust, F#, and Go and getting sucked into weird low-level side-projects like emulators. Apart from programming, Eric likes to eat, play music, and spend time with his wife and guinea pigs.
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Exploring Everday F# By Writing a Toy Lisp Interpreter

Eugene Chuvyrov

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. I enable our partners in Microsoft Cloud.
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A gentle introduction to Kubernetes and Azure Container Service (AKS)

Hattan Shobokshi

Hattan Shobokshi is a software developer & technical speaker . Hattan is responsible for developing applications on a variety of platforms including web and mobile devices. He is passionate about delivering scalable applications that adhere to industry best practices. He is Vice President of the Los Angeles .NET user group as well as a member of the organizing committee for SoCal Code Camp. He regularly presents at local user groups and code camps. Hattan is also one of the founding members and organizers of JavaScript Saturday Los Angeles.
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Dependency Injection in JavaScript
Accidentally DevOps : Continuous Integration for the .NET Developer
An Introduction to VueJS
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Heather Barron

Heather started working with computers at the age of 9 with a Viatron System 21. She wrote her first relational database engine at age 14 using 6502 assembly. She started working for Apple Computer at the age of 17, and a few years after that, for Oracle Corporation. Since then she has worked in a wide variety of environments, from startups and large corporations. In 1997 she founded Barron Consulting Group to meet the emerging market for Internet-enabled application development and, along with cultivating a portfolio of over 400 clients developed one of the first turnkey multi tenant e-commerce platforms for small-to-mid-market enterprises. In 2001, BCG partnered with local printer PostScript Press to launch the Internet's first printing company ( to provide end-to-end integrated quoting, ordering, manufacturing and customer service, and a few years after the company was purchased by venture capital firm Sverica, did it again as a founder of Heather's fascination with system architecture, software development and corporate leadership has makes her a natural fit for her current position of Managing Consultant for Technossus, where she is responsible for a broad portfolio of tasks from team management, architecture, client engagement, vision development, process design, security auditing and standards and practices, including Agile development coaching practices.
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Ways to Fail. Or not.

Ike Ellis

Ike Ellis is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, book author, and popular conference speaker. He is a partner at Crafting Bytes, a San Diego software studio and business intelligence group. He leads several San Diego-based user groups, including the Technical Immersion Group and the San Diego Software Architecture Group. He has spoken at the last several SQL PASS Summits.
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Habits of Great SQL Developers

James Earle

James Earle is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. From Ontario, Canada, he recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in tech. Predominantly focused on web development, James spends a lot of time exploring new technologies and how they can be applied in real world applications.
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Predict the Future with Azure Machine Learning Studio
Introduction to TypeScript

Jeremy Cameron

Jeremy serves as a Director for a Fortune 500 company, leading the practices of software development and architecture. He is heavily involved with DevOps and culture transformation. Jeremy has worked directly with several of the speakers at this event and several are currently members of his team.
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The Architectural Mindset
Dream Team

Jeff Morris

Software developer/engineer focusing on NoSQL and related topics, frameworks and SDK's.
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Building Scalable Applications with .NET Core and NoSQL

Jessica Deen

Jessica is a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft focusing on Azure, Infrastructure, cloud and OSS. Prior to joining Microsoft, she spent over a decade as an IT Consultant / Systems Administrator for various corporate and enterprise environments, catering to end users and IT professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jessica holds three Microsoft Certifications (MCP, MSTS, Azure Infrastructure), 3 CompTIA certifications (A+, Network+, and Security+), 4 Apple Certifications, and is a former 4-year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Windows and Devices for IT. In 2013, she also achieved her FEMA certification from the U.S Department of Homeland Security, which recognizes her leadership and influence abilities during times of crisis and emergency.
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Complete CI/CD Pipeline to Microsoft Azure with Docker using Jenkins
Microsoft, Linux, Open Source, Cloud + DevOps

Jim McKeeth

Jim McKeeth is the chief developer advocate and engineer for Embarcadero Technologies. He has 25 years experience as a software developer and conference speaker. He is also a published author, and inventor on multiple patents, including the basis of swipe to unlock and pattern unlock. When he isn't traveling the globe inspiring software developers he enjoys spending time with his family and dogs and performing professional improvisational comedy with CSz Boise.
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Exploring the Brain-Computer Interface - Flying a Drone with your Thoughts

Joe Mayo

Joe Mayo is an author, instructor, and independent software consultant, specializing in Microsoft technologies. He has written several books, including Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework by Microsoft Press. Joe is a Microsoft AI MVP with several years of awards, he lives in Las Vegas, NV and tweets (as @JoeMayo) about #ai, #botframework, and #chatbots on Twitter.
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Building Chatbots with the Microsoft Bot Framework

Justine Cocchi

Justine is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. She has worked primarily on web development and is interested in a range of technology including mobile development and bots. She recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Computer Science and Business Administration and is currently focusing on .NET Core.
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I (can't stop killing my plants) oT
How the Gremlin Graph Stole Christmas

Mario Hernandez

Mario works for Mediacurrent as a Front-End Developer and Drupal themer. He is also a public speaker living in Los Angeles. Before joining Mediacurrent Mario worked for the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, the largest federal court in the country, as the lead themer and front-end developer. He designed and developed the first responsive website for a federal court. Mario is a volunteer instructor and technology advisor for Teens eXploring Technology (TxT), a non-profit organization in South Los Angeles teaching inner city teens about technology and entrepreneurship. As a public speaker Mario conducts private and community-driven workshops and webinars where he continues to express his passion for design and Drupal. When he’s not theming or conducting training, you can find Mario tweeting about Drupal, CSS, HTML, RWD and more. Twitter: @imariohernandez Web:
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Jump Start your CSS Skills
Drupal: An Advanced Content Management System

Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff is the founder and president of LearnToProgram Media and Punk Learning. Mark’s company has taught over 800,000 software,web and mobile developers online, in the corporate classroom and in secondary schools across the country. Previous to founding LearnToProgram, Mark started several companies in the Austin, Texas area and continues to promote entrepreneurship and computer science. He is an in-demand speaker and has traveled the world to teach programming techniques and technologies. Mark has authored eight books on programming. He lives on the Connecticut coast, where he is in the process of redecorating his condo. Want to help?
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The One Hour App Challenge: Building HTML5 Based Mobile Applications
The Currency of Digital Content: Understanding the Landscape

Boian Mitov

Over 30 years of overall programming and hardware experience. Over 25 years of Delphi experience. Owner of Mitov Software Author of the OpenWire technology: Author of the OpenWire Studio: Author of the Visuino - Graphical programming for Arduino
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Programming Arduino Robots with Visuino
Video, Audio Processing, DSP, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in Delphi
Implementing Internet of Things with Visuino
Industrial Automation (PLC/SCADA) and Communication with Visuino, Delphi, Visual Studio and OpenWire

Mohammad Jalloul

Mohammad Jalloul is an SDE in the Global Enablers team within the Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) group at Microsoft. He focuses on helping media-centric ISV partners onboard their solutions and businesses onto Azure.
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A Hands-on Walkthrough of Azure Media Services and Media Analytics: Building, Deploying, & Securing

Matthew Jones

I'm a dad, a blogger, a nerd, and a lead software developer for U-Haul International out of Phoenix, in roughly that order. I've been developing on the Microsoft/.NET stack for almost 10 years and loving every minute of it. I write a blog called Exception Not Found (, where I attempt to be funny, useful, and insightful, sometimes I even manage all at the same time. Weird, right? You can reach me on Twitter @ExceptionFound. Looking forward to seeing you all at my sessions!
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Demonstrating Common Design Patterns with C# and Food
The Fundamental Laws of Software Development

Mrinalini Sinha

Associate Software Engineer at Hunter Industries. Paper airplanes mentor.
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Intro to Xamarin

Neal Fultz

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Easy Microservices with GRPC

Nicole Klein

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Finding a Career you love

Nuri Halperin

Nuri Halperin consults, develops, and teaches software development with passion. He designs and builds systems, websites and line of business applications. He has been getting things done for a variety clients small and large. From founding CTO of to international e-commerce multilingual websites, to social photo sharing - he's been working to meld new ideas and techniques with solid engineering know-how. He is an author for, and provides hands on training for companies and individuals. Nuri is a frequent speaker at tech events. He enjoys interacting with developers and helping people reach that "Aha!" moment. Nuri is a Mongo Master, certified MongoDB DBA and Developer, and the inaugural recipient of MongoDB's William Zola Outstanding Contributor Award.
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The Art of Not Sucking At Technical Presentations
MongoDB First Steps
MongoDB Aggregation like a Champ!
Microservices in your own cloud, in the cloud, in a box.

Farzaneh Orak

Software engineer at Hunter industries
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Introduction to Functional programming with JavaScript

Paul Verger

Paul Verger has more than 20 years of programming experience, with a deep knowledge of MVC, data structures, functional principles, and best coding practices. He currently specializes in the .NET framework. He is very enthusiastic and always eager to learn the latest and greatest in the software industry. LinkedIn:
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Functional Principles in C#

Ralf Quint

Programmer/Software Developer since '76, IT service consultant and software developer here in LA since '97...
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Native Cross-Platform Desktop Development using Open Source.

Prabhat Nigam

Prabhat is CTO Golden Five (MSP, Gold Partner, Education Partner and CSP), CEO LAEXUG Foundation and 3 times Microsoft MVP Award winner. He is MBA in Information Technology and he is working as a Microsoft Architect where he helps in designing, implementing, managing and supporting solutions for private messaging cloud, mergers, collaboration between different messaging software and other migration & deployment projects for the following technologies Office 365, Azure, AWS, Exchange, SQL, ADFS, MFA, FIM, MIM and Directory services. He has worked for all big IT giants either as an employee or contractor where he has led the Global teams. He has started his career as Technical Consultant in Exchange 5.5 with Microsoft PSS and his exchange love never stopped & continued with 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/O365. At one point in time, he was the only person to support EDS customers when Microsoft had closed all the supports for 5.5 and now for all old legacy Exchange versions. He blogs at, manages multiple LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. He also Owns MSExchnageGuru YouTube channel where he uploads all his records technical sessions. Don’t forget to check his PowerShell scripts which are making admins life easier. Prabhat can be reached at
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Multi Factor Authentication: A must need of today’s IT

Rain Michaels

A Technical Project Manager with Stauffer, Rain has been teaching web development since 1998. Since then, she has been involved in the development of hundreds of web applications for organizations ranging from the League of Women Voters, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and UCLA, to RSA and ICANN, to Technicolor. An active member of the Drupal community, Rain authored the O'Reilly video course, "Learning Drupal 8."
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Intro to Drupal 8 Site Building: Part 3 of 4
Intro to Drupal 8 Site Building: Part 2 of 4
Intro to Drupal 8 Site Building: Part 1 of 4
Intro to Drupal 8 Site Building: Part 4 of 4

Ravin Kumar

I analyze data for fun and for work
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Unit Testing with Pytest

Bob Reselman

Bob Reselman is a results oriented executive software developer, technical lead/evangelist, project manager, teacher, author, technical writer and editor. In the past Bob held the position of Platform Architect for the computer manufacturer, Gateway, was a Principal Consultant for the transnational consulting company, Cap Gemini and worked at Now he is a Director at Casting Networks Incorporated. He writes for He builds electric guitars and basses. He lives the good life in LA with his wife Arlo and their pet, Itchy the Dog.
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What Do We Do When Everything is Automated?
Real World API Implement Using Specification First and Swagger

Robin Shahan

Robin has over 25 years of experience developing complex, business-critical applications for Fortune 100 companies. As President of Nightbird Consulting, she provided training and helped companies architect and develop scalable, efficient solutions using the Azure platform. She is a 6-time Microsoft MVP, and now works for Microsoft as a Sr. Content Developer for Azure. Robin regularly speaks about Azure at various .NET User Groups and Code Camps and runs the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Azure meetup. She can be found on Twitter as @RobinDotNet, and you can read her articles about Azure (and other subjects) at
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Azure Functions with Event Grid

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is Oslo-based web UI developer, a Google Developer Expert with strong passion to mobile. He has 10+ years experience in development front-ends for complex web applications. He knows everything about web front-end: starting from user interfaces prototyping, going through HTML/CSS/JS implementation and finishing with architecting RESTful APIs. Working daily with web front-end technologies he is happy to experiment with the same stack for building hybrid mobile apps using latest hybrid frameworks. On evenings he runs Norway’s largest meetups dedicated to web front-end: Framsia, AngularJS Oslo. Also he is leader of Norway's biggest community dedicated to mobile development (Mobile Meetup Oslo) and currently working on organizing conference for mobile developers in 2016. Maxim likes to travel the world visiting developers events and open for offers to share his experiences and knowledge by speaking at conferences and meetups.
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Tame your Service Worker before your Progressive Web App go into the wild

Sandra Spaeth

Database Admin
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Database Unit Testing with tSQLt

Scott Reed

Scott Reed has 25 years experience developing software. Scott’s career in software began in 1993 at IBM. Along the way he developed enterprise solutions for Microsoft and Cardinal Health. Scott specializes in software architecture and agile development, where he has been involved in designing web services and cloud-based solutions. He is active in the .NET community, and is frequently called on to speak. Scott is a partner at Crafting Bytes, a software development consulting firm. He is the chairman of the San Diego .NET Architecture Group.
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Amazon AWS vs Microsoft Azure

Sean Goodwin

Blockchain Evangelist & Founder of several failed startups - never giving up! Passionate about blockchain, deep learning & changing the world. Never give up on your dreams!
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Token Economics - Blockchain Startups, ICOs and Cryptocurrencies

Tobias Hughes

Programmer and emulation hobbyist. Intern at Cybersight Inc.
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Blockchain: The Technology That Powers Bitcoin and Ethereum
Rust is cool and you should learn it.

Todd Zebert

IT Sherpa: CTO, Founder, Fullstack Dev, Drupal & Wordpress Mason. Crushing on AngularJS & Node. Maker. Charitable, curious, caffeinated single dad.
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Survey of JavaScript Concepts 2017
Using JavaScript in D8, and Intro to ES6 (new in 8.4 Core)
Survey of the JavaScript Ecosystem 2017

Trevor Norrbom

Visual Software Design Engineer IV and Art Director with full lifecycle development experience for Touch Screens Mobile and Desktop, in both IT and product development environments
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Microsoft Fluent Design - UWP

Troy Miles

Coder, Author, Speaker, Musician
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AWS Lambda with Kotlin
React Native Quickly
FizzBuzz in Functional JavaScript

Tyler Clark

Tyler is a full-stack developer at Pluralsight and currently lives in Utah. He's spent most of his career specializing in front-end technologies and has worked for both start-ups and enterprise companies. He loves to stay up to date on the latest trends and spinning up side projects. He always has a book on hand and challenges himself to blog and teach others. If he's not programming then he's ether watching the office, spending time with his family, or playing/watching sports. You can see more of his work from his medium account and twitter @iamtylerrc
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Up and Running with MobX and React

Vazi Okhandiar

Microsoft Certified Trainer
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Build a Dashboard in an Hour using Microsoft Power BI