This is the sessions from Code Camp Fullerton that was held on the weekend of 1/26/2013

We hope you enjoyed this Code Camp and will join us for the next one.

4 sessions

π Raspberry Pi Meets Json

Level: 200
Tom Paulus

Many sites offer an API which allows other apps to use their online service. These APIs reply in using a specialized language called JSON-JavaScript Object Notation. For example, WeatherUnderground's API returns the current weather as a JSON object. To be able to display the desired information, we need to parse the JSON data. Using Python on the Raspberry Pi, we will build various embedded applications using JSON.

Tags: Raspberry Pi | JSON | Embeded
Interested: 1

Android: How to Debug SQLite Databases

Level: 100
Josh Dobbs

more to come....

Tags: SQLite | Android
Interested: 3

Diving into PHP

Level: 100
Phil Ting

This class is designed for programmers who want to learn PHP in addition to any other languages they already know.

The course will begin with a brief history on how PHP came to life, and the factors that shaped PHP into the language that it is today.

Among the topics will include common syntax, coding style, best practices, and common pitfalls. Version differences will also be covered.

Tag: PHP
Interested: 4

π Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Level: 100
Tom Paulus

So, you have gotten you hands on a Raspberry Pi, but don't know where to get started? This "Getting Started" talk is just what you need, we will be going over how to setup your SD Card, and build your first projects.

Tags: Raspberry Pi | Getting Started | Embeded
Interested: 5