This is the sessions from Code Camp Los Angeles that was held on the weekend of 11/14/2015

We hope you enjoyed this Code Camp and will join us for the next one.

73 sessions

A Brave New World: The New .NET Stack

Aaron Stannard

What if we could:
  • Build reliable, distributed systems in pure C# and F# that can support increasingly write-heavy workloads;
  • Using Visual Studio, Sublime Text, or any other editor or IDE we want;
  • Deploy our apps on Windows, Linux, or OS X with consistent performance and behavior; and
  • Deploy our applications nimbly using the latest containerization and configuration management technologies like Docker, Apache Mesos, and Kubernetes.
This would have been considered a pipe dream two years ago - but I'm here to tell you that this future is possible right now in .NET... Using the new .NET stack.

Tag: .NET
Interested: 38

Concurrency Without the Pain: Intro to Akka.NET & the Actor Model

Andrew Skotzko

In this session, we will introduce and explain the mind-bending actor model from the ground up. This will teach the foundational concepts for understanding the processing framework (Akka, now ported to .NET from the JVM) that powers organizations like Walmart, Hootsuite, Apache Spark, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

Tags: akka | .NET
Interested: 6

Off-Topic :: Beyond the Matrix - Ripping the band aid off

Art Villa

Whether you know that socieity is far from the "land of the free" that we have been taught in school or are just somewhat suspicious that all is not as it is being presented to us, you may be interested in this presentation/discussion. 

This presentation/discussion is meant to dive deep into any topic of interest whether it be a discussion of the benefits/dangers of GMO Foods, Vaccines, Fluoride, Geoengineering, etc. or discussion of 9/11 and how evidence and common sense seems to suggest that something other than the "official report" transpired...

Bring your questions and let's take a closer look together!

We can also discuss some possible outcomes as more and more people are asking critical questions and seeking the truth.

Tags: Off-Topic | Awakening
Interested: 6

Off-Topic :: Beyond the Matrix - Getting to the Next Renaissance

Level: 100
Art Villa

We’ve all seen “The Matrix”, right?  The story of artificially intelligent machines that harvest human energy by intercepting human sensory perception and replacing it with their architected artificial reality (The Matrix) …

"Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?" ~Morpheus -The Matrix

Many believe that our present-day perceptions are shaped by a “machine” of sorts… current power and control structures… but the masses are on giant hamster wheels within its carefully crafted constructs and too busy to notice.

Many seem to be feeling the splinter in their minds and are now seeking the red pill of truth.  

Is Globalization really a great thing or is it just a method by the global elite (who control the shipping lanes) to keep the masses dependent? 

The presenter suggests that solutions exist to enable abundance for all in this world.  Energy Advancement (Cold Fusion, Magnetic Generators, Water-powered engines, Plasmic Engines) would enable local cheap clean energy production which would enable local water and food production, local clean manufacturing, near-free transportation anywhere in the world.  Think regional conflict might dissipate when people around the world are living in abundance? 

There are advancements in our understanding of mind and consciousness that are also becoming mainstream which are helping make the leap to a renaissance.

If you are one of the 99% who is seeking perspective that isn't shaped by the 1% that is looking to keep the status quo, come join us for this presentation. 

So are we living the Next Renaissance already or is it sitting there just beyond The Matrix?

Follow the presenter's evolving world view on Facebook  at

A good profile with some informative/empowering links can also be found at

Tags: Off-Topic | Awakening
Interested: 5

Build Scalable Performance GUIs with React JS

Level: 100
Sven Homan

Programming paradigms are changing faster than sales assistants at Bloomingdales. Come and hear, discuss and learn why ReactJS is better than Angular and JQuery combined. Or is it? We will look at virtues of virtual DOM, XCS, Flux and how to start making fast and composable component GUIs with ReactJS Javascript library.

Tags: software development | React | MVC | JavaScript | GUI | frontend
Interested: 82

Data Migrations - ETL 101

Level: 200
Eduardo Favio Angeles

This is an introductory class and we will focus on leveraging SSIS and t-SQL. If you would like to have an advanced sessions, please send me an email.


1. Infrastructure - What do you need to get started with SSIS?

2. Methodology, Concepts, Best Practices

3. SSIS, share some tips.


Tags: SSIS | ETL | Data Migration
Interested: 44

MongoDb - From Story to Document

Nuri Halperin

Shifting your thinking and focus from structure and storage to application and capabilities will pay dividends in time to market and developer productivity. This does not mean magic tricks. It means adopting a mind frame and key insights that reduce the friction between requirements and implementation. it means learning to leverage and exploit the flexible document model to address business needs. This session explores these ideas and presents a balanced approach to dealing with the chalanges.

Tags: NoSQL | MongoDB | Database
Interested: 73

Getting your feet wet with OpenELEC and the Raspberry Pi

Level: 100
Richard Rosenheim

We will install and configure OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi, getting the basics of OpenELEC working.

OpenELEC is an open-source media center.  It is Linux-based and is built upon the Kodi (formerly XBMC) media player.

The Raspberry Pi is a small (about credit card size) low-cost computer.

Tags: Raspberry Pi | openelec
Interested: 42

An introduction to Java 8

Level: 200
Chaitanya Ganoo

Java 8 introduced cool new features such as Lambdas and Streams. We'll take a look at what they are how to use them effectively. Time permitting, we'll also walkthrough an example of a lightweight Java 8 service which can read and index tweets into an ElasticSearch cluster

Tags: Java | Functional Programming | elasticsearch | AWS
Interested: 53

Azure Mobile Apps: APIs in the Cloud for you Mobile Needs

Level: 100
Danny Warren

Your mobile app craves data. It needs data. In many cases it spews data. How do you manage all that data and how do you get it? Azure Mobile Apps is an awesome solution! It's a grouping of Azure services linked together to make management and deployment simple. In this session I'll teach you how to stand up an Azure Mobile App and how to wire up your mobile apps to it. You'll be armed to meet the needs of even the most data centric app.

Tags: Xamarin | Windows Universal App | Azure Mobile App | Azure
Interested: 37

Intro to F# with a Twist of Xamarin

Level: 100
Danny Warren

We all know and love C# with .NET, but often the natural development process encouraged by the pair causes us to develop bugs without realizing the potential for bugs. F# with .NET encourages a different approach. Helping to eliminate classes of bugs by naturally approaching development differently. In this session we'll discuss what kinds of bugs are naturally overcome by using F# and get an introduction into the language itself and tooling around it. Finally, I'll walk you through using F# as a cross-platform language using the tools provided by Xamarin. Even if your company never allows you to use F# just learning the language and why it's natural approach is so helpful will help you become a better developer in C#. You'll leave this session armed with knowledge and tools to be a smarter, wiser, more observant developer!

Tags: Xamarin | fsharp
Interested: 21

Using a Secure WebAPI Web Service from a Mobile App

Level: 200
Mehul Harry

Learn how to create a WebAPI service and then consume it using a hybrid mobile app (or any client-side framework). This talk will show you what it takes to create a secure WebAPI service on the server-side and what calls are needed to authorize and get the result JSON data.

Tags: Mobile | API
Interested: 94

Using Visual Live Binding and implementing cross-platform Animations in Delphi-

Boian Mitov

Want to have cool 2D and 3D animations in Windows, OSX, and Android, but thought it is difficult or time consuming?

Want to learn how to access DB or create UI with Visual Live bindings in Delphi without the need of any code?

Delphi is now cross platform, and the same code can be compiled for Windows, Android, iOS, and OSX.

In this session you will learn how to make animations with timelines, and animate pretty much any Delphi property of visual or non visual component.

You will also learn the power of visual live bindings when creating user interface, DB or many other types of applications.

Tags: Visual Live Bindings | VCL | Fire Monkey | Delphi
Interested: 4

Simplify Your API: Creating Maintainable and Discoverable Code

Level: 200
Barry Stahl

Developers don't read documentation, this is a fact.  It is also a fact that an API that depends on its documentation to get developers to understand and discover its features is at a huge disadvantage in the marketplace.  Fortunately, there are some simple, easy-to-use mechanisms for wrapping complex APIs and making their functionality both easy to use, and highly discoverable.  Imagine being able to use tools like IntelliSense that the Visual Studio IDE already provides as a way to expose the functionality of your service or library. In this session we will build a fluent Domain Specific Language interface over an existing API to create an interface that is easy to use and discoverable through IntelliSense.

Tags: LINQ | extensions | DSL | API
Interested: 75

Dynamic Optimization - One Algorithm All Programmers Should Know

Level: 200
Barry Stahl

This simple technique that every programmer should know can simplify certain types of problems tremendously, allowing us to find an optimal solution to difficult problems quickly and easily using a mathematical process called Dynamic Programming (not to be confused with Dynamic Languages or Functional Programming). In this session, we will run through examples of using this technique to solve several problems, both "on paper" and in code.

Tags: technique | solve | optimization | Algorithm
Interested: 131

MongoDB Advanced Topics

Level: 200
Daniel Lewis

In this talk we will be going through the more advanced features of MongoDB including:

·         Database and Schema design approaches

·         Complex data models and relations

·         Indexes and Performance

·         Text Queries

·         Geographic Queries

·         The aggregation framework

·         Replica Sets

·         Sharding

·         Write concerns and consistency

·         Reading from secondary nodes

This talk will assume some basic knowledge of MongoDB and will be for developers looking to understand deeper the more complex facets of MongoDB.  All are welcome, however it is recommended you attend my MongoDB Basics talk first.

Tag: MongoDB
Interested: 84

MongoDB Basics

Level: 100
Daniel Lewis

In this talk we will go through the basics of MongoDB including:

·         What MongoDB is

·         Basic Tools and Resources

·         Querying

·         Inserting, updating, partial updates, upserting, and deleting records

·         Composing complex Queries

·         Projection

·         Using the node.js driver

No previous knowledge will be needed for this talk, this talk is geared towards developers who are considering a NoSQL database, or will be using MongoDB in their applications.

Tag: MongoDB
Interested: 112

Advanceded Debugging Made Easy

Level: 100
Dustin Davis

Debugging is a skill that must be learned, practiced and mastered in order to be an effective developer. Current day tools offer powerful features, but they just aren't enough! In this session I'll show you a set of debugging tools that will save your sanity and destroy defects before they cause havoc!

Tags: Visual Studio | Development | Debugging | debug | C# | .NET
Interested: 96

Implement Video, Audio, DSP, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence in your C# applications

Boian Mitov

Want to add complex Video Processing, Audio Processing, DSP, Computer Vision, or Artificial Intelligence in your C# applications, but don't know how, or think it is too complex?

Here you will learn how you can do all that and much more in mere minutes and with very little effort.

Tags: video | DSP | computer vision | C# | audio | AI | .NET
Interested: 48

PowerBI for the Developer

Level: 200
Jeff Hart

Buisness Intelligence is hot these days. Whether you are looking for a job, a consulting jig, or just to up your value to the “business.” But in typical fashion, Microsoft uses the term PowerBI for multiple things: a suite of Excel add-ins and standalone software, a service, and a claim to bring BI to the end user. And pricing has been all over the map from expensive (compared to Office 365, for example) to free. In this talk we’ll clear up the naming confusion and survey the underlying technologies.

While Microsoft is trying to position PowerBI as "self-service BI" based on Excel, the truth is many projects will need developer assistance. After all, how many "pointed headed managers" want to learn a new type-safe, functional, domain specific language?

In this intro we'll help explain some mental models that can help you get started quickly. And we’ll show you how to get started with PowerBI for free—not even requiring Excel.

Slides are available at

Tag: PowerBI
Interested: 54

What's New in C# 6

Level: 100
Joe Mayo

C# 6 adds several new productivity features to help with code cleanliness and efficiency. You'll learn what these features are and gather insight into how they can be used in various scenarios. You'll also see some of the new C# features in Visual Studio 2015 that help you be more productive.

Tag: C#
Interested: 118

The best programmers are underpaid

Level: 100
Fred Mikanovic

What can you do about it? Where can you getter pay? How much is appropriate pay for a programmer? 100K? 150K? 850K How do productivity and paycheck relate? What do industry research and statistics say about that ?

Tag: employment
Interested: 107

Less Painful Testing

Level: 100
Casey Vega


Less painful testing


Testing can be a huge pain. In this discussion we'll be touching upon several key components for ensuring success at the test level. These topics include:


  • Orchestration basics
    • Having a reproducable environment 
  • Build system and setup basics
    • Build system plugins


The second portion of the talk will focus on test specific tools and how to make the most of your infrastructure:


  • Testcase and run management
    • Testrail
  • Testing in the cloud (Selenium Remote)
    • Sauce labs
    • Applitools
  • Test frameworks and tools (demo)
    • Frameworks - Mocha, Jasmine, Pytest
    • Coverage - Istanbul
    • Analysis - Sonarqube
    • API - Frisby/IcedMocha, and Pyresttest
    • Web - Nighwatch.js


Please rate my talk, feedback welcomed and appreciated:



Tags: Testing | QA | Consistency | CI | Automate
Interested: 103

Visually program Arduino devices with Visuino and create IoT solutions in minutes

Boian Mitov

Interested in Arduino, and Internet of Things?
Visuino is a new visual graphical programming IDE for Arduino.
Learn how you can program your Arduino compatible device visually in minutes by simple graphical design.
Connect sensors, motors, servos and remotes. 
Implement processing and functionality.
Collect and display data from the devices on your PC.
Connect your devices together into real IoT. 
P.S. And bring your boards... After the session we can get together and do some improvised workshop :-)

Tags: IoT | Development | Arduino
Interested: 44

All Things Atlassian

Level: 100
Kent Cross

<p>In this discussion I will present how we track issues with JIRA Software, share information with Confluence, manage our code bases with Bitbucket and Subversion, and hold online code reviews with crucible. I will share some tools and techniques that I have developed to keep the setup running. Finally, I will present what I saw at the Atlassian Summit that was held the first week of November.</p>

Tags: Tools | JIRA | Development | Confluence
Interested: 57

JavaScript Module Pattern, and Modern JS Tooling

Level: 200
Todd Zebert

This will cover the concept of patterns, pros/cons of the Module Pattern, varients, code examples, and configuring and usage of tooling such as Grunt, Gulp, Bower and NPM.

Tags: npm | JavaScript | Gulp | Grunt | Bower
Interested: 124

ASP.NET 5 - From Nothing to Empty

Level: 200
Michael Palermo

Do you want to understand how ASP.NET 5 works under the hood? In this session you will see how to start from nothing but a command line, open source utilities, and a text editor to create a simple starter template like the one found in Visual Studio 2015. Bring your PC or Mac and follow along :)

Tag: asp.net5
Interested: 71

Ditch SQL, use C# to store C# objects in VelocityDB & VelocityGraph NoSQL databases

Level: 200
Mats Persson

You can accomplish the same thing without the mapping layers. Object databases have been around since the late 1980's and is the original NoSQL data stores.

They never did make relational databases obsolete mostly due to enabling too many ways of solving the same problem which often lead to inefficient or buggy code.

I have been building these systems since 1997. I created VelocityDB and VelocityGraph in an attempt to solve some of the issues with early generations of object databases.
These days, the property graph database Neo4J has become poular with Java users. VelocityGraph is similar to Neo4J but built with C# as a graph / object hybrid database.
I will show some simple sample VelocityGraph applications and show how simple the structure is for a property graph database.



Tags: Object Persistence | Object Database | NoSQL | hybrid database | Graph database | C# | .NET
Interested: 53

Learn how to implement Event Driven Architecture using NServiceBus - PART 2

Indu Alagarsamy

NServiceBus is a set of .NET libraries that help you create distributed systems that are reliable and scalable using Event Driven Architecture / Bus style of communication. It supports various messaging patterns and design patterns to implement long running businesses processes. It provides a simple abstraction over existing queuing technologies like MSMQ, RabbitMQ, SqlServer, Azure, etc. 

In this session, learn how to implement using NServiceBus in your .NET systems. 

Tags: Messaging | EDA | C#
Interested: 46

Functional Programming in JavaScript

Level: 100
Troy Miles

For most of its nearly 20 years, developers have tried to make JavaScript more like other imperative languages like Java and C#, but was that wise? Unlike those languages JavaScript doesn't have class inheritance or information hiding, but it does possess high order functions. What are high order functions? Function which can both be sent to functions and return from functions. This allows JavaScript to be programmed more functionally. 
Functional languages like LISP, Scheme, Clojure, and Haskell espouse the beauty of pure functions. What are pure functions? Functions which always produce the same output when given the same input without mutating any variables along the way. This also makes it trivially easy to compose new functions by combining older ones, while in imperative languages, creating compose-able objects can be rocket science hard. The difference between functional and imperative programming can be described as the difference between telling the computer what to do (functional) and how to do it (imperative).
Functional programming can be a bit difficult to wrap your head but in this session I will give some examples of common programming problems that we face everyday in JavaScript and see how functional programming can help us.

Tags: JavaScript | Functional Programming
Interested: 156

Getting Ready for Angular 2: Fighting Fear with Code

Level: 100
Troy Miles

Angular 2 is coming and with it lots of changes. But fear not, you don't have to sit around and worry. You can get ready for Angular 2 by making your Angular 1 code more like it. In this talk we will show you how. We will ditch scope, start using iife, strict mode and injectors. But what about all of the code you don't have time to change? Don't worry about that either. Angular 1 and 2 can live together happily under the same roof and we will show you how.

Tags: JavaScript | AngularJs
Interested: 136

Test-Driven Infrastructure, Getting Started

Carlos Meza

Behavior and test driven infrastructure (TDI) allows system administrator (operations) the same benefit developers have gained with TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development), minimizing risk, building confidence, and maintaining focus.


But before TDI can be a reality, the first step is to start by looking at infrastructure as code. When we look at infrastructure as code we can leverage configuration management (CM) tools. This provides us with many benefits: repeatability, scalability, automation, agility, and reassurance. It resolves many of the anti-patterns commonly seen in system administration: manual provisioning of systems, manual documentation that is incomplete or outdated, and a myriad of custom scripts in an attempt to overcome other anti-patterns.


But configuration management does not prevent bad infrastructure code that is poorly created and maintained. Poor code will ultimately lead to a lack of confidence in the code and only few people will understand it. Then implementing changes will be unnerving, as there will be an unknown risk of a catastrophic side effect.


Test and behavior driven development provides a framework to cope with an ever changing environment. It provides protections and warning against unintended side effects by continuously testing for the desired behavior. And it encourages readable, maintainable code with continuous reiterations to small behavior specific code. Treating infrastructure as code now allows these same benefits to be applied to the infrastructure with TDI.


There are some consideration to take into account before implanting TDI. TDI requires a culture shift in how the infrastructure perceived and the methodology in how it is handled. Documentation of the environment's requirements is needed; this will further the burden of implementation, if it does not already exist. And of course there is the administration of the TDI infrastructure itself.


TDI helps ensure the ability to administer the infrastructure in the future. TDI encourages small specific changes that are continuously being tested against their desired behavior. This methodology reduces risk by keeping changes in scope, revealing design flaws, and producing maintainable code. Ultimately this creates trust: trust to implement change safely, trust that what is being delivered meets the client's need, and trust to continue the process. Additionally, the need for manual documentation lessens as code itself becomes the core of the information. All this allows for better planning.


Treating infrastructure as code allows us to leverage test driven development to achieve continuous integration (CI) of our infrastructure configuration. I will be sharing what I have learned as I prepare to implement configuration management. I will go over a CI workflow of a TDI, including the methodology, components, and stages. I will utilize Git, Jenkins, and Chef for my example.

Tags: TDI | CM | CI | chef | BDD
Interested: 81

MongoDB First Steps

Nuri Halperin

 We’ll talk about document oriented databases. You will see some of the core strengths (and challenges!) of using MongoDB to power your application. And, of course, some hands on demos. This session is thin on power point. We'll try cover as much ground as time permits and get your familiar with the basic concepts that differentiate this technology from its competitors. Leave your SQL thinking behind and come see how things can be very different with MongoDB.

Tags: NoSQL | MongoDB | Big-Data
Interested: 107

Successfully Speaking and How to Harness Big Ideas

Nuri Halperin

This session will focus on one key component: Ideas. Your ideas are what attracts (or repels) others. Your idea can be amplified by others. Your ideas are what people connect to. To do that, you need to learn how to speak effectively. We&#39;ll explore some basic speaking techniques, analyze the arenas of interaction, and investigate what you can do to increase the success of your ideas

Tags: speaking | Soft Skills | career
Interested: 72

Azure - Getting started with Apps for Office

Level: 200
Ivan Sanders

In this lab, you will create a cloud development environment and build a cloud-hosted app. The development environment will consist of a trial subscription to Office 365 and Azure. In addition, you will learn how to configure Apps for Office in Word and Outlook.


  • Set up a developer trial subscription to Office 365
  • Set up a developer trial subscription to Microsoft Azure
  • Configure Microsoft Azure to support Apps for Office
  • Create a Word task pane app
  • Create an Outlook app

Apps for Office 365 Code Samples


Tags: Word | Outlook | Oauth | O365 | Azure
Interested: 39

Azure - Getting started with Apps for SharePoint

Level: 300
Ivan Sanders

In this lab, you will create a cloud development environment and build a cloud-hosted app. The development environment will consist of a trial subscription to Office 365 and Azure. You will create apps that use both OAuth security and the cross-domain library. You will examine the security flow to better understand the available options.


  • Configure Office 365 with a Developer Site and Product Catalog
  • Setup Azure with Active Directory
  • Understand the OAuth flow in a Provider-Hosted app
  • Understand how to use the Cross-Domain Library in a Provider-Hosted app

Office add-in Code Samples

Tags: SharePoint | Oauth | O365 | Azure | Active Directory
Interested: 29

Working with existing codebases and Legacy code? See how Event Driven Architecture can help - PART 1

Indu Alagarsamy

Dealing with an existing codebase can be an everyday reality for most. And when that existing code base has "legacy" attached to it, the suck factor exponentially increases.  "We have to re-write this!", doesn't always work. You're stuck with the codebase having to implement your new feature and hope against all odds that you don't break anything else in that process.

Good News. You don't have to live that way any more.  In this session, learn how Event Driven Architecture can help. Instrument your legacy code with events and build features on the outside without rocking the boat.  Take control of your code.  Whoever said working with legacy code can't be fun?

Tag: Architecture
Interested: 75

How to adopt Node.js as one of your Enterprise languages for Shared-Services development

Marcello de Sales

  • How to refact existing services written in other languages to comform to JSON so that you can write an Orchestration service in Node.js that will facilitate the integration with NoSQL Databases and Clients such as Browsers and Mobile apps.
  • Show the steps to write Node.js services from DEV to PROD, including Node.js souce-code management in GitHub Enterprise, Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Continuous Delivery with Docker.
  • How your teams can successfully share Node.js code with an Internal NPM Registry and/or GitHub Enterprise, using versioning strategies and GitFlow.
  • Finally, show Node.js development tools that will improve the quality of your Node.js applications (lint, standards verification, test cases, code coverage, badges). 

Tags: web services | node.js | github | docker | CI
Interested: 98

Linq2Couchbase: Introducing the LINQ provider for Couchbase N1QL

Level: 300
Jeff Morris

N1QL is an awesome new SQL-like query language for querying JSON documents. It provides the expressiveness and familiarity of SQL with the ability to query non-relational JSON documents of arbitrary depth. In this session you will learn about the new Linq2Couchbase LINQ provider which emits N1QL and allows developers to create type-safe queries using LINQ and integration with ASP.NET and Owin/Katana hosted applications.

Tags: owin | NoSQL | LINQ | Database | ASP.NET
Interested: 17

Chrome Developer Tools

Level: 100
Abhi Jain

Google Chrome has some amazing features which can help us in quick and easy front end development. In the session, I will show the known and unknown features of Chrome and how they can make developer's life easy.

Tags: JavaScript | Development | Chrome
Interested: 118

Stop data breaches! Building secure web apps within minutes

Level: 200
Sid Shetye

In an era of cloud computing and rampant data breaches, how do you develop secure web applications within the time and dollar budget? We'll walk participants through an example healthcare application and deploy it on Azure.

We'll also demonstrate how this protects against a data breach by offering the Azure SQL administrator credentials to the audience (!) to simulating an example data breach. We close by assessing the non-impact of this breach and open-sourcing the healthcare app just demonstrated.

Tags: Security | Cloud | C# | Azure | AWS
Interested: 117

Introduction to SQL Server Service Broker - Make your SQL Server scalable

Level: 100
Roman Tumaykin | Vladimir Sotirov

This very little known feaure of SQL Server is available since SQL 2005. It is an implementation of reliable messaging infrastructure on top of the SQL Server. engine. Learn the basics of it and how you can use it in your projects. Make your SQL Server responsive, scalable and asynchronous.

Tags: SQL Server Service Broker | SQL Server | reliable messaging
Interested: 64

Lets Get GOLang Code Working On AWS Lambda

Mike Roth

Currious about lambda? Want to learn how to use it and and more importantly get it to do useful tasks like executing native code? Want to know what gotcha's you need to be on the look out for? We will discuss it in this session!

hanks for comming! Updated github with slide deck and session outline. Enjoy!

Tags: lambda | GOLang | AWS
Interested: 35

Redis: An Intro to the Powerful Key-Value Cache Store

Level: 100
Jimmy Muga

Speed, performance and scalability can mean success to a high traffic website, especially when it comes to real-time services. See how Redis, a key-value data structure store can scale to your needs.

Tags: redis | NoSQL
Interested: 71

Ask a hiring manager

Level: 100
Jeremy Cameron

This session is your chance to go behind the curtain and ask questions about what hiring managers are looking for in successful employees, interview techniques and tactics, and how to receive that promotion you may be wanting.  

Tag: Q and A
Interested: 79

Building extensible .net applications: strategy and techniques

Level: 200
Li Chen | Corey Chen

Extending applications involves consuming types not available at compile time or introducing new behaviors to existing types.

We will discuss strategy in various scenarios using .net techniques including reflection, assembly loading, C# dynamics, expression API and Roslyn code generation.

Tags: Roslyn | meta programming | dynamic programming | Code generation | C#
Interested: 65

Thoughts on Polyglot Programming Through the Eyes of a Freelance Musician

Josiah Mory

Before coming to the software world, I was a freelance musician for over 10+ years I toured and played bass with bands and artists like Albert Lee, Ray Parker, Jr. of Ghostbusters fame, and even was featured on Entertainment Tonight. As a developer now, I look back on some of the concepts I learned to become a successfull musician and how they apply to learning software. 

Truthfully they are not that different. 


Let's dive into how the world of music has attempted to overcome a lot of the challenges around learning a new coding language, and see if we can draw some parallels together on how to: 

Sound Authentic
Always Sheddin’
Know the Rules to Break Them
More Valuable Than Your Role


Tags: Polyglot | music | Code
Interested: 35

An intro to NoSQL (non-relational) databases

Level: 100
Andrew Karcher

<p> You have all probably heard about this &quot;NoSQL&quot; thing and wondered what is about, how does it differ from traditional relational databases and how will this affect me.&nbsp; You might want to just stick your head in the sand and ignore it, but as database professionals it is always good to know about what other technologies might be out there to compliment your existing solutions.&nbsp; We will not be going deep into any one solution, but by the end of this session, the goal will be that you understand the following:<br /> <br /> 1. The different types of NoSQL databases<br /> 2. Some use cases where they might be applicable<br /> 3. Some of the major solutions out there for each one</p>

Tags: NoSQL | Database | Data
Interested: 164

Top approaches to performance: From comatose to insane

Level: 200

We will cover

  • Need for Speed
  • Tools to identify performance
  • Top approaches to performance

Tags: Techniques | Performance tools | Page Insight | MVC | Grunt | Fiddler | Chrome Canary
Interested: 61

Arduino Virtual Shield

Level: 200
Sam Stokes

There are many Windows 8 or 8.1 phones in the market places like eBay, and this is an opportunity for you!  You can use this simple and easy to use phone app to add an interface to your Arduino/Bluetooth projects.  Once the Virtual Shield app is added to your phone, you only need to use the Arduino IDE to create fun and useful apps!

This presentation will demonstrate and provide code for the following projects:

  • Connect your Arduino to Bluetooth
  • Setting up existing code to use the Virtual Shield
  • Use the Virtual Shield to Control LEDs and  servo motor
  • Connect your arduino project securely using the Windows Phone 10
  • Speech input and text output from your Arduino using the Virtual Shield

If you want to get into the exciting business of the Internet of Things, then for the cost of an Arduino Nano, Bluetooth connection and an inexpensive Windows 10 phone will get you started.


Tags: Windows Phone 10 | Windows IOT Core | Bluetooth | Azure | Arduino
Interested: 41

Running Windows 10 IoT Core on the Raspberry Pi

Level: 100
Bret Stateham

Whether you are new to the Raspberry Pi or if you are seasoned RPi developer, this session will hopefully give you a new take on developing for this popular board.  In this session I’ll show you how to run “Windows 10 IoT Core” on your Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and how to develop apps for it using C# or Node.js .  But wait, there’s more! To make it just a little more interesting, we’ll even push some data from the Raspberry Pi up to the cloud!

Tags: Windows 10 IoT Core | Windows 10 | Raspberry Pi | IoT
Interested: 80

Scaling Scrum

Level: 200
Mike Vincent

How do you plan, launch, scale, and manage large product and software development initiatives using Scrum? In this session, I’ll describe how you can increase agility in your organization and how to scale and manage Scrum projects successfully. You will be introduced to needed practices and techniques to manage a scaled Scrum development initiative. When rigorously applied, productive scaling results.

Tags: Scrum | Agile
Interested: 70

Desktop appications with Lazarus & Free Pascal-Write once, run (almost) everywhere

Level: 200
Ralf Quint

FreePascal is an Open Source compiler for Object Pascal, which can run on and target a large variety of operating systems and CPU architecures, while Lazarus is an associates RAD environment/IDE which allows easy graphic screen design and project management.

Both projects are around for more than a decade (22 and 16 years, respectively) and under constant development. Together they provide a very productive environment that allows to produce native code for (not only) desktop applications in a highly structured, strongly typed and safe programming language which can, with only minimal code changes, be transferred and recompiled for the most common operating systems and desktop environments.

"Write once, compile anywhere"

Tags: RAD environment | native code | desktop application | cross-platform
Interested: 10

Unit testing WPF applications that seems not possible

Bill Xie

What makes unit testing difficult is how to test legacy code and code that mixes up UI and business logc. I will show you an approach to test the business logic that are interleaved with UI code. Thus things that seems not possible now is doable.

Tags: XAML | WPF | Unit Testing
Interested: 30

A Survey of the Azure Data Landscape

Level: 200
Ike Ellis

Choosing where to store your data is far more difficult than it ever has been. We can be paralyzed with choice! This session seeks to ease that anxiety and provide direction for application developers. You&#39;ll learn the differences between DocumentDB, Azure Table Storage, Blob Storage, Azure SQL Database, SQL in a VM, and more. See demos and review case studies so that you&#39;ll have a complete view of how data is stored in Azure and how to choose great tools, leading your project down the path to success.

Tags: SQL Server | Data | Azure
Interested: 31

UX for Developers: How to code with empathy

Level: 100
Anita Cheng

User experience (UX) is a hot field, but still very new for many tech companies. Let’s face it, the companies who can devote the resources for a robust UX process are few and far between! Software developers often find themselves making design decisions by necessity, which ends up complicating the product lifecycle down the road. What can developers learn right now to improve the usability and delight of their products?

We’ll cover: 

  • Why coding and UX go hand in hand
  • Leveraging usability heuristics and common design patterns
  • Leveraging graphic design principles to clarify UIs
  • Why developers (and everyone else!) are part of the UX team

Tags: UX | usability | leadership | Development
Interested: 120

Escaping Dependency Hell with Owin

Level: 100
Joao Braganca

In this presentation we will go through the history of shared dependencies, the pain that they can cause, and what you can to do mitigate it.

Tags: SOA | owin | NuGet | dependencies | DDD
Interested: 64

An Introduction to Ember with Ember CLI

Level: 100
David Tang

This session will introduce you to Ember, a framework for building ambitious web applications. You will build an application using Ember 2 and its companion command line utility Ember CLI. We'll use the power of Ember Data to work with an API and learn how it can be adapted for any backend. We'll also look at the philosophies that drive the framework including convention over configuration and stability without stagnation.
This presentation will be hands on.

Tags: JavaScript | Ember
Interested: 47

Intro to Unity II – 3D & VR Games

Level: 100
Jason Weimann

The final session in this series is all about 3D game development and Virtual Reality. Here, we’ll cover the differences between 2D & 3D games. We’ll build a softball batting game then turn it into a VR experience. After the session, you’ll be able to try out the virtual world we’ve built on the GearVR.

Tags: Unity3D | Games | C#
Interested: 77

Intro To Unity I – 2D Games

Level: 100
Jason Weimann

In this session we’ll build a clone of a popular 2D mobile game in under an hour. You’ll be introduced to the basics of the Unity3D engine and editor. We’ll cover 2d physics & collisions, sprites, input, movement, and more. By the end of the session we’ll build the working game to an android device. After the session you should be able to recreate the basics of a few popular games.

Tags: Unity3D | Games | C#
Interested: 90

Introduction to MVC 6 TagHelpers

Level: 100
Nicholas Mullen

Tag Helpers are used to extend the semantics of tags in your markup; this simplifies your views and enables you to create reusable toolkits for your MVC 6 applications. We’ll go through what TagHelpers are offered out of the box in MVC 6 and what it’s like to create your own.

Tags: taghelpers | mvc6 | MVC | aspnet5 | asp.net5 | ASP.NET
Interested: 84

Getting started with ASP.NET 5

Level: 100
Nicholas Mullen

Hit the ground running with the new ASP.NET 5 stack. This session will teach the basics of ASP.NET 5 through live coding.

Tags: aspnet | asp.net5 | ASP.NET
Interested: 122

Android: Testing that doesn't suck

delete me

This talk will cover:

  • How to set up testing in Android Studio
  • Introduction to a few testing libraries on Android
  • Using jUnit and Robolectric to get test results quickly
  • When build flavors get in your way
  • How to use results to validate your build
  • Using tests with Continuous Integration/ Build Server

note: This talk is still being developed so the details may change or grow.


Josh is a Software Engineer and Architect with more than 20 years of experience. He got started in Android 5 years ago while building the server side of mobile platforms, and transitioned to building the Android client for those mobile systems. He cares about clean code that is easy to maintain and reducing development friction. He sometimes refers to himself in third person when it seems to be the convention.

Tags: Testing | Android
Interested: 41

What it's like being a self-employed developer

Level: 100
Dustin Davis

So you hate having a job and you want to be self employed, do you? Maybe you should think twice about that...right after you attend this session.

Being self employed has it's benefits but it also has it's problems. In this session I'll tell you about what it's like to be a self employed software developer from my own experience.

  • Are contracts for you?
  • What is W2, 1099 and C2C and what do they mean to your income?
  • What is awesome?
  • What sucks?
  • What sucks even worse?
  • What to expect?
  • Do you have insurance? Probably not!
  • How do you find work?
  • Are you charging enough?

It's not the life for everyone, but for those few ambitious few, it can be a life changer.

Tags: employment | Development | business
Interested: 110

SOLID Principles

Level: 200
Abhi Jain

The term SOLID was coined by Michael Feathers after the first five principles by Robert C Martin. These principles help us create system that is easier to maintain and extend over time.

Interested: 72

Fundamentals of Domain Driven Design

Level: 100
Jeremy Cameron

Come learn the basics of a design paradigm that helps break apart complicated problem spaces into manageable parts.  Whether or not you use the pattern, the concepts discussed will enhance your ability to work with your team.  Learn the fundamentals as a jumping off point that will allow your team to decide if you can gain value from this design paradigm.  

Tag: domain driven design
Interested: 97

Like a boss: How to be indispensable to your team

Jeremy Cameron

We will be discussing strategies that will help you get the job you want, make a difference in that job and maximize your earning potential. Learn how to be someone that makes a tremendous difference on every project you touch. 

Tag: leadership
Interested: 105

The 7 Rules for Writing World Class Technical Documentation

Level: 100
Bob Reselman


Writing clear, accurate, engaging technical documentation is hard. Reading cryptic, boring technical documentation is harder. The 7 Rules rules make it easy to create documentation is informative, accurate and fun to read!

This engaging talk has been delivered to thousands of developers worldwide to great success. The content of the talk is based on this article I wrote, found at, here.

Tags: Technical Writing | technical documentation
Interested: 106

Demystifying the Wizardry of Regular Expressions

Josiah Mory

So many developers see the words "Regular Expressions" and think of a frightening string of crazy symbols. While this is true, they are also a valuable way of manipulating text and knowing the basics can lead to many practical uses that will often save many lines of code. Learning to use regular expression basics will allow many more ways to manipulate text and strings by testing, extracting, and changing the string. We will take a look at some of the ways to do this specifically using the Javascript RegExp Engine. 

Tags: String Manipulation | Regular Expression | JavaScript
Interested: 114

What is Peer 2 Peer for Mobile?

Level: 300
Matt Ingenthron

Your Mobile apps can talk to other mobile apps all between each other without needing a server! 

Using bluetooth, mobile apps can exchange content amongst each other without requiring a server or network connections.

With Couchbase Lite, you can enable peer-to-peer sync between two or more devices.

Bring your laptops and code along with William who will show you how to build a peer-to-peer mobile photo-sharing app, step-by-step, from scratch.

You will see how the core code for sending and receiving photos is barely 100 lines of code and contains zero code directly involved in network communication.

Come learn about how to enable your mobile apps to have a better experience without needing a server. We will code together a sample app and demo how photo sharing with peer 2 peer technology can create apps of the future.

Tags: Xamarin | Server | NoSQL | Mobile | iOS | Database | Cloud | Android
Interested: 66

ASP.NET MVC6 Deep Dive

Hattan Shobokshi

We'll take a detailed look at the tools you need to build an 5 app.  
We'll look at cross platform ability as well as new features in ASP.NET MVC 6
This session will feature a lot of code samples and demos to help you get familiar with 5 (vNext) and it's associated tools.
Topics include:
Command line tools (DNX, DNU, DNVM)
Dependency Injection
Poco Controllers
Async Views
Incremental Flushing
Combining MVC routes and WebAPI Routes in a Single Controller

Interested: 105

JavaScript Simplified: Closures, Prototypes, Promises, and more

Hattan Shobokshi

JavaScript Simplified: Closures, Prototypes, Promises, and more 
Hattan Shobokshi
Interested in Advanced JavaScript topics? In this talk we’ll look at some fundamental JavaScript concepts including closures, promises and prototypal inheritance. These will be gently introduced with real world examples & lots of code. You will learn how to use these features and when it’s appropriate to. Take your JavaScript skills to next level!
We'll start with JavaScript functions and get a fundamental understanding of how they work and what Functions as a first class citizen means. We'll look at how Closures can give you a mechanism for hiding data and also protect your variables from the global scope via immediately invokved functions.
Inhertiance is possible with JavaScript and we'll look at how you can do that with prototypes. 
Promises give you a great mechanism to write cleaner asynchronous code. We'll look at promises from the eye of a library writer and consumer. We'll see how promises can help us avoid ugly nested callbacks and make our code easier to read. We'll also see how promises are implemented in libraries like jQuery and AngularJS.

Tag: JavaScript
Interested: 167

An Introduction to Angular 2

Hattan Shobokshi

In this session we'll take a look at the future of Angular JS, Angular 2.0. We'll see some radical new changes in the framework and talk about the reason behind it.
We'll write a lot of code and build a simple application. We'll also explore typescript and see how writing Angular apps in TypeScript improves the overal development experience and can help us become more productive at front end development.
This presentation will be code heavy with lots of samples.

Tags: JavaScript | AngularJs
Interested: 193