Microservices in your own cloud, in the cloud, in a box.

Nuri Halperin

8:45 AM - Saturday, December 2, 2017

Microservice | C# | Azure | Architecture

Location: SLH 100


In a world where micro-service have become the norm people are searching for answers: How do I write my micro-service? How do I deploy it? How do my micro-services discover and talk to each other? This can be confusing. But now… One technology called Service Fabric, is going to solve it all! On Azure. Or in a box on prem. With discovery. And deployment. And support for websites, actors, containers, high availability, scalability, versioned upgrades and kittens! Ok, not kittens. But pretty much everything else.


We're going to see a simple app and how you can now model your family of microservices without worrying about much except for your  services themselves.