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3 sessions

How Do We Know What to Build First? Delivering User Value using MVP’s and MMF’s

Level: 200
James Lang

New Project, new product, but what are we supposed to start on first? Agile approaches and techniques can provide us with the answer, so we can deliver value to Users quickly.


Tags: Scrum | product strategy | Agile
Interested: 58

Ask an Agile Coach

Level: 100
James Lang

Have a burning questions about Agile, Scrum, Scaled Agile, Lean or Kanban? Using the Lean Coffee model of structured agenda-free meetings, we'll discuss a variety of topics around Agile

mimic the Lean Coffee model of structured, agenda-free meetings ( ) where like-minded people can come together to collaborate in the most constructive way possible. 


Tags: Scrum | Scaled Agile | Lean | Kanban | Agile
Interested: 47

Learning to Experiment (Experience Report)

Level: 100
Chris Lucian

The best organizational changes in my career have happened as a result of emergencies. Support for the process of experimentation only seems to become enabled whenever the status quo has completely broken down. In those moments of crisis rebuilding with better has been possible, but why do we wait?


Tags: Process | Experimentation | Agile
Interested: 18