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5 sessions

Fundamental Programming Concepts

Level: 300
Prakash Malani

The presentation will highlight and illustrate fundamental (emphasis on fun) programming language concepts. Take your architecture, design, and coding skills to the next level by not only understanding the hows, but also whys!


Tags: Java | Groovy | Design | Architecture
Interested: 77

Architecting solutions for Azure

Level: 100
Muhammad Nabeel

The basic challenge of any architecture is the translation of business requirements and technical requirements into a viable architectural solution. Luckily there are few techniques that can help us achieve that. In this session we would take a look at different approaches to architecting a solution for Azure.


Tags: Multi-cloud | Design | Cloud | Azure | Architecture | Architecting
Interested: 80

Microservices, hybrid cloud, responsiveness and velocity - you can have it all!

Level: 200
Chander Dhall

Did you know there are production systems with more than a billion hits a day with just 10-15ms latencies? Attend his talk to see how to get there? 

In this talk, Google Developer Expert and Microsoft awarded MVP, Chander Dhall will show different architectures that are currently in production with his clients. 


Tags: Scalability | Performance | microservices | Architecture | Angular
Interested: 130

The Architectural Mindset

Level: 200
Jeremy Cameron

How do you think about complex and nuanced problems?  Ever want a framework to think about them that will empower you to confidently make your decisions?  Come join this session and learn how to successfully navigate the gray spaces.  


Tag: Architecture
Interested: 101

Building Scalable Applications with the Actor Model

Level: 200
Greg Shackles

In this session we'll take a look at how the actor model can help you architect reactive applications, both large and small, that are built to scale right from the beginning. As part of this we'll walk through real examples of using the Akka.NET framework, but the lessons and patterns will be applicable regardless of your actor framework of choice. We'll even look at how you can leverage Akka.NET. 


Tags: Architecture | akka
Interested: 38