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3 sessions

Architecting solutions for Azure

Level: 100
Muhammad Nabeel

The basic challenge of any architecture is the translation of business requirements and technical requirements into a viable architectural solution. Luckily there are few techniques that can help us achieve that. In this session we would take a look at different approaches to architecting a solution for Azure.


Tags: Multi-cloud | Design | Cloud | Azure | Architecture | Architecting
Interested: 80

Effective Software Development Management

Level: 200
Boaz Brudner

Delivering software products on schedule and with high quality is a challenge. 

In this session we will dive into the core components that would amplify the success chances of every software project.

Elements such as Sound Architecture, Managed Services, Planning, DevOps, Testing, CI/ CD, etc.

This session is geared towards development managers,  senior leads and aspiring engineers.


Tags: Management | devops | Cloud
Interested: 92

Building .NET Applications for any Cloud with Cloud Foundry

Level: 200
Barry Stahl

Cloud Foundry is an OSS PaaS available on virtually any cloud with many of the same capabilities of Docker and Kubernetes, without the complexity or vendor lock-in. In this session, we build & deploy a .NET Core microservices app to Cloud Foundry to show the platform's features and ease of use.


Tags: oss | Microservice | Cloud
Interested: 45