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4 sessions

Living in a Polyglot Data World

Level: 200
Andrew Karcher

10-15 years ago for most developers a database choice meant SQL Server or Oracle. Everything was relational and you generally had one choice. Today, your have almost endless choices. When you include options in the cloud it seems like there is a new option being introduced every month. Companies are using more and more databases every day. And this is a good thing!


Tags: SQL | NoSQL | Database | Data
Interested: 49

Type Providers: making data first class

André van Meulebrouck

F# type providers provide types (at IDE and compile time) for data from diverse sources.  The type provider looks at a sample of your data, creates a schema for it, and then provides the types and fetching infrastructure for you.  I see this as a realization of Scheme's notions of first class citizenship, only this time for data.


Tags: types | type safety | Functional Programming | F# | Data
Interested: 31

MongoDB First Steps

Level: 100
Nuri Halperin

MongoDB is and extraordinarily popular database, owing its popularity to ease of use, speed, scalability, and stability. Getting started with MongoDB can be a bit tricky. This session cuts through the rumors, legends, and myths surrounding MongoDB. We will include a gentle introduction, hands on demo, and ample  discussion about what this database is, what it isn't, and how to use it!


Tags: NoSQL | MongoDB | Database | Data
Interested: 109

Cosmos DB - the Easy Way

Nuri Halperin

Using a database from your app code can be just as challenging as choosing the right database. With CosmosDB, there are a bunch of tricky little choices that can make a huge difference throughout development and production phases of any project. 


Tags: Database | Data | Cosmos | Azure
Interested: 47