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9 sessions

Polymer, web components, & why you should care (even if you're not a web developer)

Level: 100
Christopher Schmitz

Learn the basics about Polymer, Google's web component framework, and why it's poised to be a big player in the future of web development and beyond. Read More...

Tags: web components | Web Apps | polymer | JavaScript | HTML | Google | CSS
Interested: 71

RESTful Web Apps with React & ASP.NET Web API

Level: 100
Miguel Fregoso

Hands-on overview on how to set up a React web app that can interface with your own RESTful server using ASP.NET Web API (in C#). Read More...

Tags: WEB | Server | React | JavaScript | C#
Interested: 128

How To Tackle Whiteboarding

Jupiter Baudot

Clearly communicating code isn't just for killing the interview.  It's a large part of getting work done effectively.  Find out how to turn code into English in "How To Tackle Whiteboarding"!


Tags: Whiteboard | Ruby | JavaScript | algorithms
Interested: 67

ExpressJS Basics

Level: 100
Hannah Zulueta

Learn the basics of ExpressJS and create your first Node application :)    


Tags: NodeJs | JavaScript | ExpressJS
Interested: 71

Introduction to React

Kai Chan

Slides available! Learn how to get your React web app up and running.


Tags: ReactJS | JavaScript
Interested: 181

TensorFlow.js - Machine Learning made easy

Level: 200
Chander Dhall

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been democratized in the last few years. Deep Learning is hard but TensorFlow.js makes it easy for developers without a Data Science background to add Machine Learning to their applications.

In this talk, Google Developer Expert and awarded Microsoft MVP, Chander Dhall, will walk you through the basics of Deep Learning and TensorFlow.js.


Tags: tensorflow | machinelearning | JavaScript | Angular
Interested: 168

JavaScript Async Deep-dive

Level: 300
Rob Richardson

Callbacks, promises, async, oh my! Asynchrony in JavaScript has come of age. We'll start with a quick history. Then dive in deep to async and await. How can you transition from callbacks to promises or promises to async? How can you use legacy code with await? How can your legacy code call your async functions? Whether you're using Babel or evergreen browsers, "async code write you can."


Tags: JavaScript | await | Async
Interested: 157

Build a chat bot in NodeJS

Hattan Shobokshi

Learn to build a bot using the Bot Framework, target multiple channels like Slack and Facebook! It's easy to do using nodeJS. Learn to build, host and run bots backed by AI and machine learning.


Tags: NodeJs | JavaScript | bots
Interested: 105

An Introduction to VueJS

Level: 100
Hattan Shobokshi

In this presentation you'll be introduced to Vue.js & it's core concepts. We'll take a look at it's life cycle, explain the MVVM Pattern and cover the vue cli which help you create applications with ease. While Vue itself is focused on the view, we will look at Vuex, a library that provides state management.


Tag: JavaScript
Interested: 127