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2 sessions

Networking for Introverts

Level: 100
Christine Lambino-Cunliffe

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Either way - you'll learn something valuable from this talk.  The speaker discusses her experience as a technologist, entrepreneur, and introvert in business.  


Tags: Public Speaking | networking | introvert
Interested: 82

Make Public Speaking Your Competitive Advantage

Level: 100
Justin James

Being an effective communicator is a critical skill even if you just want to write code all day. Not a one of us was born with the ability to talk. Talking is a learned skill, just like public speaking is. With a bit of the right know-how anyone can become a confident communicator. Come participant in this interactive sessions and walk away on the road to you transforming into a confident speaker.


Tag: Public Speaking
Interested: 58