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3 sessions

My Adventure in Python Packaging

Level: 200
Carlos Meza

Python packaging is constantly evolving and improving. Newer developers and sysadmins will learn a modern approach to sharing their project. We will also take a peek at how we got here and the road ahead.


Tag: Python
Interested: 52

Introduction to Python for Fun and Profit

Level: 100
Nathan Danielsen

In this session, we'll make sure that you are set up to write and run small programs in the python programming language. 


Tag: Python
Interested: 174

Build a Slack Bot in Python

Level: 100
Hattan Shobokshi

Learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language by building a slack bot using the slack sdk. We'll start with a blank slate and build a bot that you can extend. Learn to set up your environment for testing and code coverage. We'll also look at list compression, mocking objects, dynamic module loading. 

A bot can help automated many tasks and is fun!

Tags: Python | bots
Interested: 108