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3 sessions

Living in a Polyglot Data World

Level: 200
Andrew Karcher

10-15 years ago for most developers a database choice meant SQL Server or Oracle. Everything was relational and you generally had one choice. Today, your have almost endless choices. When you include options in the cloud it seems like there is a new option being introduced every month. Companies are using more and more databases every day. And this is a good thing!


Tags: SQL | NoSQL | Database | Data
Interested: 49

Fundamentals of Querying Databases

Level: 100
Andrew Karcher

If you are going to do anything with data you are going to need to learn how to query data. And the language to query the majority of those systems is through SQL (Structured Query Language). The pull data from any systems you are going to be relying on the Select statement. The features in the statement may vary slightly from platform to platform, but the core capabilities are the same.


Tags: SQL Server | SQL | Database
Interested: 68

Beginning SQL

Level: 100
Anthony Rodriguez

SQL, or structured query language, is an important tool for business analysts, data analysts and data scientists. It's the language used to read, add, update and remove information from relational databases. SQL lets you search, sort, aggregate, and analyze data to create complex reports to help make important business decisions. It's also used by application designers and programmers to modify, a


Tag: SQL
Interested: 58