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4 sessions

RESTful Web Apps with React & ASP.NET Web API

Level: 100
Miguel Fregoso

Hands-on overview on how to set up a React web app that can interface with your own RESTful server using ASP.NET Web API (in C#). Read More...

Tags: WEB | Server | React | JavaScript | C#
Interested: 128

Clojure for Beginners

Level: 100
Julio Berina

This will be a talk for beginners to learn the Clojure programming language, which is a dialect of Lisp. I'll be going over things like data structures, syntax, and resources for people who would like to learn more about the language.


Tag: WEB
Interested: 28

Data Structures: Intro to Arrays and Linked List

Level: 100
Kevin Liu

Why are data structures and algorithms so important in computer science?In this crash course, I will walk you through the importance of some data structures and how they can be utilized... Read More...

Tag: WEB
Interested: 79

Fast and Easy Web Server and API in C++

Level: 100
Troy Miles

Let's see how it is easy to build a web server in fast C++ using the relatively new, Beast HTTP Server. We'll use Docker to make our builds easier and deploy our server for free to Heroku as a container.


Tags: WEB | CPP
Interested: 46