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3 sessions

Create Smarter Bots with Twilio Autopilot

Corey Weathers

So you want to build a bot that can be used across multiple platforms? In this session, we will talk about one of Twilio's newest products - Autopilot, the API that allows developers to build smart bots for any communication channel. We will walkthrough how to get started, walk through different options ....


Tag: bots
Interested: 21

Build a Slack Bot in Python

Level: 100
Hattan Shobokshi

Learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language by building a slack bot using the slack sdk. We'll start with a blank slate and build a bot that you can extend. Learn to set up your environment for testing and code coverage. We'll also look at list compression, mocking objects, dynamic module loading. 

A bot can help automated many tasks and is fun!

Tags: Python | bots
Interested: 108

Build a chat bot in NodeJS

Hattan Shobokshi

Learn to build a bot using the Bot Framework, target multiple channels like Slack and Facebook! It's easy to do using nodeJS. Learn to build, host and run bots backed by AI and machine learning.


Tags: NodeJs | JavaScript | bots
Interested: 105