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5 sessions

When kids code

Megha Jain

In the world of software engineering, women and minorities are often unintentionally excluded. Learn more about the role you can play in bridging these gaps and expanding the new wave of computer scientists.


Tag: career
Interested: 9

Recruiting Technical Talent

Dylan White

Do you need a primer on recruiting tech talent in a competitive talent acquisition space? Dylan White is an expert technical recruiter that has consulted for several Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, systems integrators and mid-market companies. Learn about tools, methodologies, indicators, short-cuts, salary negotiations and how to keep your talent acquisition team honest and on their toes.


Tags: recruiting | career
Interested: 17

Tell Me About Yourself

Level: 100
Michelle Brenner

This workshop is designed to turn any meandering career path into a sharp elevator pitch useful for answering that dreaded recruiter question, “Tell Me About Yourself.”


Tags: self development | interviews | coaching | career
Interested: 47

Career Guidance: 20 Years of Career Climbing.

Level: 100
Prabhat Nigam

This session is a guidance based on my 20 years experience in IT. I will be sharing a guidance to the students and audience on what should they target in their career. 


Tags: Win | Job | Goals | career
Interested: 56

How I Met Your SQL Server!! Choosing a Career Path in Database Technologies

Level: 100
Ben Aminnia

There are fundamentally two career paths in the world of SQL Server: DBA and Developer - How would you choose one or the other, and why?


Tags: SQL Server | Opportunities | developer | DBA | career
Interested: 38